The 97 million Chinese tourists traveled abroad last year represent a significant windfall for the countries they visit. In 2012, they spent a total of $ 102 billion.

Chinese tourists in China

Without having been able to truly master the language of Shakespeare, there is still time for Parisian waiters get to Mandarin. The manna of Chinese tourism does not seem about to dry up. While the standard of living of the middle class is improving at the rate of annual wage increases in the People’s Republic, the Chinese are more and more people travel abroad.
Some 97 million Chinese tourists traveled abroad last year, a record for a clientele that is confirmed as the most extravagant of the world, according to figures from the National Tourism Administration. This is an increase of 14 million compared to 2012. And the trend is expected to continue, given the prospects for strong growth of the middle class of the second economy in the world. Beijing estimates that the number of Chinese tourists abroad easily cross the 100 million mark in 2014.
China had increased in 2012 first in the world in terms of tourist spending abroad, with a total of $ 102 billion, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). This amount will certainly be exceeded in 2013, said Rui Song, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a government-controlled research center. “Chinese tourists spend abroad so that they are sometimes dubbed the” traveling portfolios “,” Song said China Daily.
Competition is getting tougher to attract Chinese tourists

According to a report from 2012, Chinese tourists spent on average 7107 dollars per person on their trips to the US in 2011. The average expenditure of tourists in the US was 2440 dollars this year, according to the department US Trade. Luxury purchases of Chinese tourists during the London Olympics in 2012 would have led the British to introduce a new expression reflecting their purchasing power, according to Song: the “Beijing Book”.
Internationally, competition is getting tougher to attract Chinese tourists, the luxury sector preferred customers, who often travel in groups with several countries in their tour. Other European countries, including the UK, France and Germany have therefore promised or initiated measures to facilitate pro-Chinese procedures for obtaining visas … The choice of destination input means juicy benefits for the country concerned.

this french Explains The capital of arrival is also where the tourist buys his ingredients at the time of leaving, for an amount estimated at 1500 euros for a Chinese.


Chinese travelling in China !

The number of Chinese travelling in their own country also increased last year. Some 3.2 billion tourists visited China in 2013, 300 million more than in 2012. The island of Hainan, a kind of Chinese Saint-Tropez, was their first destination. However, the Chinese tourism industry recorded a 12% drop in revenues for the hospitality industry for more than three stars and quality restaurants, due to a decline in attendance foreign tourists in China. This is explained by the strong levels of pollution, food scandals, congestion and inadequate quality of tourism infrastructure.


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