Why Local Digital Marketing Agencies are more popular among Brands in China

Why ? Why small digital Marketing agencies have up in China

The Chinese Digital Market

China Mobile Q3 2,013 banking transactions reached 3.7 billion yuan (604 billion USD), with an increase of 35.9% qoq.
Take ecommerce by itself, at the end of June 30, 2013, e-commerce transactions in China reached 4.4 billion yuan (US $ 713.27 billion). This is up 24.3% over last year.
B2B transactions hit 3.4 billion yuan (551.17 billion USD), an increase year on year by 15.3%.
Baidu still dominant search engine in China, while facing greater competition today announced its third quarter financial report recently, with turnover reaching Q3 total 8.89 billion yuan (1.453 billion USD), 42.3% more than in Q3 2012.

Digital Adversting 

Global Advertising Agency

International agencies like Publicis WPP Ogivly dominate many aspects of China’s marketing industry, but when it comes to digital, the local players have the upper hand – an advantage that puts them squarely in the sights of M & A.

Local Digital Agency

One reason local players have prospered is single Internet ecosystem of the country. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blocked by China’s “Great Firewall”, replaced by dozens of local players in a highly fragmented space, made more complicated by the language.
“It is not just a matter of adapted Facebook and Twitter (campaigns) for China, this creates something new for China and that is something that local agencies have done really well,” said Greg Paull, Director consulting agency based in Beijing R3.  source
In addition, local agencies were quicker to build digital capacity and benefited from strong personal relationships with media owners who provided them with the best rates and deals.
Companies seeking to catch up, were swallowed up into local digital agencies. smalll agencies calculates about half of mergers and acquisitions agencies in the past two years have been in China – and about half of these digital agencies involved.
International shops trying to catch up with respect to hiring locally import foreign talent, but Miss Wang, founder A4A agency based in Beijing, is pessimistic about this solution, suggesting that many talented Chinese leaders want to manage digital their own businesses.

“The way things work in China, people really able to go out and start their own agencies,” She said.

Here are 3 popular local digital agencies in China that are worth keeping an eye on. At the pace of acquisitions well, they can not remain independent for long.

Mr. Qian Philip. Genlemen Marketing Agency

 Philip Qian

He never worked in a large agency 4A-member. Instead, his advertising career began with a concert independent design presentation slides for an officer in Shanghai, which led to more work for Gentlemen and other clients. Today, his ROI agency has 30 people is a full service digital agency with offices  Shanghai. his website
Gentlemen Communications erupted in 2012,with the huge needed for SEO , SEM and Social Media campaign  at the Shanghai World Expo. While other brands offered virtual tours.

Here are some common ideas on the basis of notes and comments provided by our moderators: In China Marketing challenges and opportunities in e-commerce companies. There were a number of challenges in China for many e-commerce table are now facing:

It refers to the mixture of origins of the 100 strong staff: One third are digital creations, a third former traders, one third of the old product alongside the Chinese dot-coms.
This makeup reflects the skills to digital marketing today, where it is not only the creation of a slogan for the internet, but of course understand that online platforms can

FashionChinaagency.com be specialized to success

International agencies can provide high-level marketing strategies to social media, but falter when it comes to local ideas and execution, founder of FashionAgencyChina , focus on Fashion brands for 3 years , and mainly deal with social media agency. So he said, “I founded this agency to fill this gap.” She said that his experience in large global agencies, allowing it to “provide this high level strategy, but in terms of performance, I also understand consumer perceptions. ”

Censurship restrictions on Chinese digital worl sites pose significant barriers to Brands directors

Social Media China
FashionChinaagency which should quickly grow to 20 employees, has a list of clients, including LeCoQ, Hugo Boss, Guess, Citibank, Michael Kors and Ferrari.
The founderworked on a multi-format campaign called “Share It Forward”, urging companies to provide a private place for nursing mothers to pump for Baby milk brands like primalac. The campaign hit a nerve among millions of China working moms – about 200 million people, according to this Digital addict.

Successfull Digital Agency

Successful Chinese digital company will exploit their knowledge of local consumers and the differences between them and the rest of the world, Mr Zahn said. For example, Chinese consumers are much more likely than those in the West seek to trademarks entertainment content (perhaps because China’s entertainment industry is nascent, brands have greater opportunity in space). Source

Strategies to balance short-term gains on market place and long-term ecommerce strategy (to build one’s own platform).

How to manage well Marketing relationships with the ecommerce big website like tmall or JD.com ? Key channel players make demands that cannot be ignored.
how to manage conversion rate although high quality traffic.
in Ebusiness, the Conversion optimisation is generally a challenge in the ecommerce space.
Most e-commerce firms have a digital background which is TOTALLY insufficient to drive sales, you need co-operation or solve all the problems source check this Twitter

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