Why Chinese tourists are so keen on traveling

Our dear Chinese tourists, an eternal love history

Nowadays, while there is a Chinese economy’s slowdown, one of the sector which is not affected by the crisis is the Chinese tourism. Indeed, more than six million of people left China during the weekend long holidays for the Lunar New Year according to Ctrip. This rate increase of 15% since the last year in order to reach 5.2 million of travelers this year.

Even if the Chinese economy is weaker than the last years, big Asian cities, such as Singapore or Hong Kong, are not in endangered. Indeed, surveys noticed China is the fifth country in which tourists travel so much by flight with 120 million of travelers in 2015.

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Favorite destinations of Chinese people

luxury brands in china

Chinese tourists are more in more interested in travelling for shopping. Indeed, for the last years, travelers from China are very attracted by countries which propose luxury goods at lower costs than their own country. The consumption’s tourism became the new trend and it is very smart’s symbol to come back in China with products came from abroad.

Moreover, they have their favourite countries to visit. Chinese travelers prefer to go to Japan and South of Korea in order to do shopping especially since bad events in Paris on the last November. These both countries are considered to be very safe compared to the France’s capital. Unfortunately, Europe is less attractive although this the only continent to offers this quality of shopping. Chinese tourists have to wait for easing tensions to hope to make shopping in Western countries as soon as the next year.Read more:

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Chinese Government Crackdowns on corruption

The Chinese leadership strengthened the country’s censorship especially concerning corruption which involved a decreasing of benefit regarding some activity sectors. Indeed, Chinese consumers don’t trust in Chinese quality’s products because of many troubles concerning food and fake markets which exist in China. Chinese populations want more authenticity and have new expectations when they are purchasing products. That’s why they prefer foreign products which proof its quality.

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Also, we noticed sales of luxury watches for men fall down although these ones of fashion women’s accessories increased. That’s why Chinese market has to progress in the jewelry items. Many foreign luxury brands penetrate the Chinese market which represents a huge challenge. Therefore, prices are more expensive than in Western countries which explain the consumption Chinese tourism trend. Consequently, these brands have to line up their costs in order to be more accessible.