Scandal : China child abuse in Chinese School

How it is possible to abuse of Small Kids ? it is a SCANDAL

The biggest kindergarten in Beijing is under investigation for allegations of child abuse, said it was aware of more complaints from parents in some of its schools elsewhere in China .

Education’s Governement comments Wednesday came one day after police reportedly detained a teacher suspected of using sewing needles to discipline children, although they added that some other allegations of child abuse were unfounded.

The NY -listed company, which describes itself as the largest provider of early childhood education services in China, said in a statement after the police report: “RYB is deeply saddened to know the latest findings of the report feedback.”

China: Kindergarten teacher arrested in abuse scandal

“The company also understands that there have been other complaints from parents about other RYB brand kindergartens and will continue to cooperate fully with the police and other authorities in this area.”

Similar allegations have been reported in the northern province of Hebei, near Beijing. Authorities are investigating an allegation of child abuse and have “temporarily closed” a kindergarten at the RYB, they said in a statement on their official WeChat account Wednesday night.

RYB says it has more than 1300 play and learning centers and nearly 500 kindergartens in about 300 cities in China. Most operate on a franchise model.

The official Xinhua news agency said the Chaoyang District authorities in Beijing had also formed an investigation team to determine whether there had been negligence on the part of local education officials.

Shares of RYB fell 8.4% in New York Wednesday, after falling nearly 40% last Friday, although they resumed ground earlier this week

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