Thailand attracted 7.93 million Chinese tourists+27% this year

Chinese Travellers arrivals up 17.8% in the last quarter of 2016 year-on-year, according to the Tourism Council on Monday, driven mainly by an increase in Chinese visitors are expected.

Tourism accounts for around 10% of GDP in Thailand and has been a rare bright spot as the second largest economy in Southeast Asia has been driven by exports and sluggish domestic demand.

The forecast comes as Thailand expects to receive a record 33 million visitors this year.

Chinese tourists can not seem to get enough of Thailand, with the increasing number of visitors last year.

A wave of bombings in southern Thailand center and south during the last month appear to have had limited impact.

Last week, the central bank cut its forecast for tourist arrivals by 400,000 to 33,600,000 this year due to the bombing and repression of so-called zero dollars trips, or very cheap tour packages, among other issues.

The October-December quarter is the high season, when hordes of tourists descend on palm-fringed beaches and hot rods and visit its many gilded Buddhist temples.

“The last quarter is a peak season for us. It is the season when tourists from China, Europe and other regions come,” Council President Ittirit Kinglek Reuters.

“We hope that more arrivals than last year mainly due to Chinese travelers.”

The Council expects at least 600,000 arrivals from China during “Golden Week” holidays next month.

Last year, Thailand attracted 7.93 million Chinese, a record. This year, the Council expects about 10 million Chinese.source


Angry Chinese Lady Scolds ‘Shameful’ Chinese Tourists In Viral Rant


Buzz on Chinese Social Networks

A Chinese lady has become a hit on social media after the shooting go on a destructive and expletive-laden rant about the misbehavior of their holidaying Lands.

Sister Big Bin

In video they posted on Facebook, Bin Bin Ji, also “Sister Big Bin” shouted a volley of harsh criticism of another Chinese woman directed that a large piece of wanted to take wood at home, on the beach of his beloved in Phuket rattled, Thailand. Rep told the lady not to take the wood, but she would not listen, so kicked Ms. Ji. In the end the lady gave a long dispute.

If Thailand does not have laws, I can tell you to put the Lovers’ beach, within a year we will put Chinese all its sand back home in the aquarium to breed fish, “said Ms. Ji in the video:” take everything. Everything. Always like that.”

“What is the system of rules? What is the system of rules? We have said it again and again. Is not that the incident of the person to death a few days ago still bitten bloody to be?” She said with respect to the death of a woman mauled by a tiger in a Beijing Safari Park last month. Many Chinese saw that death as an example of what can happen if you do not adhere to the rules.

“Why are these kinds of Chinese becoming more and more? It’s f- shameful”, Ms. Ji said at the end of the video.

After Ms. Ji video published last Sunday on their Facebook page, the video 443,000 views and 14,000 people won. Your personal page has 5728 followers now. Facebook is in China but blocked Ms. Ji posted the video, while she was still in Thailand.

The video is also on Weibo, a Chinese social media website is a bit like Twitter have been reposted. It received wide praise from Chinese netizens.

“Said Genial! I am very happy that has your behavior Chinese people image effectively protected”, a writing called Sc, Lizhijianfeishaonian.

“Grown overnight riches, but people do not capture the quality has” another person wrote Walker Min named.

Chinese tourists have a bad reputation abroad for headlines with bad etiquette like skipping lines, spat on the floor and litter to make. But as China’s economy progresses and educational levels rise, people will know this and better behavior from their Chinese mainland demand.

“If all people have your consciousness, our people will not worry about Chinese tourists wherever we … out of the country goal we are a family, we can do some acts of high quality and not allow China to face to lose?” a -Wazi called Xiansheng said on Weibo.

The misdeeds of Chinese tourists are a headache for the government that takes care abroad through their image. The state media and authorities have both the propaganda and Chinese people the law used to say, how to act when they go on vacation. In 2015, the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) public transport began including interfere without detecting bad behavior of tourists on the local customs and damaging cultural relics.

“The bad behavior of outbound tourists Chinese people image is affected to some extent,” CNTA said on its website.

In a report last year, the state-run media outlet Xinhua asked for the people, “to pack her bag of etiquette and civilization before they embark on a journey.” Said Xinhua earlier this year that the number of negative reports recently declined and the behavior had improved.

Top 10 cities with beaches in China

Discover the beaches in China!

In China, the cities by the sea are many, however, they do not all offer quality beaches to spend a good time.

Here is a list of the 10 most famous cities of China to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Each of these cities offers a natural and pleasant, attractive beaches and many attractions for a great holiday. Booming tourism in China!

1) Sanya


It is the ideal destination to enjoy the sandy beaches, their palms, and their clear water. This rich city in cultural diversity is also known for its mountains and hot springs, and offers some of the finest scenery in the world. On site, this paradise allows you to practice many sports and water activities.

Note : Sanya is however a very expensive city to live in, because it lives almost exclusively from tourism.

2) Qingdao


It is a famous city of the Shandong Peninsula to its seaport. Also known for its beer : Tsingtao, it is a tourist destination where it is very pleasant to stroll in the streets and houses of the old concessions. The beaches along this scenic coastal city are many and very lively, with many places to eat, refresh and entertain.

Note : Huiquan is the Asia’s largest sandy beach with its 3.6 hectares.

3) Qinhuangdao


This city is located in the northeast of Hebei province and bordered by the Bohai Sea in the South, Qinhuang Island is an important port for foreign trade in North of China.

Note : The « Gold Coast »with its 52,1km along, offers sandy beaches bordering large forests. Other famous beaches can be mentioned those of Beidaihe and Nandaihe.

4) Zhuhai


This city is not only known to be a very pleasant coastal city in southern of Guangdong province, but also to offer a selection of beautiful beaches.

Note : Golden Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Zhuhai.

In addition, the island also offers Hebao sumptuous seashores with crystal clear waters.

5) Rizhao


This city is also part of Shandong Peninsula, and is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea against Korea and Japan. It is famous for its blue sky and golden beaches. Rizhao has the sandy beach the longest in the country, extending for 60 km. It also has many scenic spots as a national forest park and numerous mountain area.

6) Xiamen

The city faces at the ast China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, the Strait of Xiamen is located in Fujian province. Being surrounded by the sea, it offers wide sandy beaches and numerous natural and cultural landscapes.


Note : This « City on the Sea » is one of the most popular seaside resorts of China.

7) Beihai

This city is famous for its long beaches, islands, lakes, forests and hills. Beihai Silver Beach is 10 kilometers from the city center and extends over 24 kilometers.

Note : This city is one of the five most beautiful resorts of the country, it is often considered the most beautiful China Beach for its white sand, its clean and warm water, and gentle waves.


8) Dalian

This city is known for its natural attractions, especially for its beaches. The city is home to many shores which are known for their natural beauty, which are breathtaking, and thrilling for water activities that can be practiced there.


Note : Fujiazhuang is certainly the most popular beach in Dalian with its golden sand, turquoise sea and its many reefs, on a long stretch of 550 meters. Islands and forests make Fujiazhuang beach even more enjoyable.

9) Haikou


It is the capital of the island province of Hainan, which also houses the city of Sanya. It has four main beaches : Holiday Beach, Xixiu Beach, Baishamen Beach and Guilinyang Beach.

10) Ningbo


It is a coastal city in Zhejiang Province in China. It is located South of the Yangtze River delta, and faces the East China Sea in the East.

Note : The range of Mount Songlan is certainly the most noteworthy with its landscape of mountains facing the Sea Many islands are also the delight of tanning and relaxation lovers.

Why Chinese tourists are so keen on traveling

Our dear Chinese tourists, an eternal love history

Nowadays, while there is a Chinese economy’s slowdown, one of the sector which is not affected by the crisis is the Chinese tourism. Indeed, more than six million of people left China during the weekend long holidays for the Lunar New Year according to Ctrip. This rate increase of 15% since the last year in order to reach 5.2 million of travelers this year.

Even if the Chinese economy is weaker than the last years, big Asian cities, such as Singapore or Hong Kong, are not in endangered. Indeed, surveys noticed China is the fifth country in which tourists travel so much by flight with 120 million of travelers in 2015.

Further information: China New Year travel

Favorite destinations of Chinese people

luxury brands in china

Chinese tourists are more in more interested in travelling for shopping. Indeed, for the last years, travelers from China are very attracted by countries which propose luxury goods at lower costs than their own country. The consumption’s tourism became the new trend and it is very smart’s symbol to come back in China with products came from abroad.

Moreover, they have their favourite countries to visit. Chinese travelers prefer to go to Japan and South of Korea in order to do shopping especially since bad events in Paris on the last November. These both countries are considered to be very safe compared to the France’s capital. Unfortunately, Europe is less attractive although this the only continent to offers this quality of shopping. Chinese tourists have to wait for easing tensions to hope to make shopping in Western countries as soon as the next year.Read more:

Read more: Top 10 Destinations For China’s Big Spending Tourists

Chinese Government Crackdowns on corruption

The Chinese leadership strengthened the country’s censorship especially concerning corruption which involved a decreasing of benefit regarding some activity sectors. Indeed, Chinese consumers don’t trust in Chinese quality’s products because of many troubles concerning food and fake markets which exist in China. Chinese populations want more authenticity and have new expectations when they are purchasing products. That’s why they prefer foreign products which proof its quality.

Chinese girls tourists

Also, we noticed sales of luxury watches for men fall down although these ones of fashion women’s accessories increased. That’s why Chinese market has to progress in the jewelry items. Many foreign luxury brands penetrate the Chinese market which represents a huge challenge. Therefore, prices are more expensive than in Western countries which explain the consumption Chinese tourism trend. Consequently, these brands have to line up their costs in order to be more accessible.


80 best Tips to learn Chinese in Beijing

How many CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, you may think that speaking Chinese as a second language?

Learn Chinese if you live in Beijing … You should be able to think about it

The Internet is still buzzing after Mark Zuckerberg unveiled its latest product: its own Mandarin skills.

The majority of the online community was impressed by his dedication – he studied every day, as you should too – and with the courage to stand up in front of a crowd and spend 30 minutes to communicate in a language that it speaks imperfectly.

Public speaking impress Chinese

Public speaking is deeply frightening to many. In fact, it is at the top of the list of most survey responses regarding our greatest fears. It is also something that the Facebook CEO was not particularly good at the beginning of his career. But public speaking in a second language, the one you are not fluent? This is the stuff of nightmares.

Expat life in Beijing

Melanie, I began weekly Mandarin lessons. All other children in the class had been exposed to the language of infanthood, and just two hours a week of Mandarin teaching English in my other life was ineffective. Despite my best intentions, I eventually fell in the fifth year.

I will now try to build a life in China, and over the years have tried almost everything to become fluent in the language, including private tutors, self-learning with ribbons, college classes, and language buddies. Twenty years after I first set foot in my childhood Mandarin class, I’m finally on my way to master the language.

Here are the main lessons I learned along the way. If you avoid my mistakes, and focus on measures that really makes a difference, we hope that your trip to Mandarin fluency will not be quite as difficult or convoluted than mine.

Why Mark Zuckerberg really learn Mandarin ?

Why did he do that? We know it has been studied Chinese for a while, but why someone so powerful1 put themselves in a vulnerable position to criticism, even attack? For that matter, why study Chinese in the first place?

Continue reading

Basic tips to know before travelling in China

Everyone needs advices before travel in China  – some key phrases to know, or understand Chinese customs – it is very important during a first stay in this wonderfull country. Check this video to have an overview of China

The information below will help you become familiar with China for your first trip goes as smoothly as the following.


What is the best time to travel in China?

 shanghai tea fields fishingg2 china tourist


Autumn is the best time to travel according to tailormade Chinese, a education company based in Beijing and Shanghai. The temperatures are mild, the sun now almost non-existent and rain.
However from the first week of October; it is the golden week so be carefull.
This week is the official week of Chinese holidays, the tourist places are crowded and prices 2-3 times higher than usual.


xi'an travel


Spend time in Beijing is a must .   I can tell you that I had no idea that the world could be found in the depths of the Great Wall of China.
You can attend many festivals throughout China. Step 2, –  The KungFu festival Shaolin monks; the activities do not miss!
The tourist cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Hong Kong, Chengdu, … are all pleasant this time of year.

Exploring China in spring (late April – early May)

 Zhoushan Islands

The second best period is to go in China at the end of spring or the flower buds and lifts temperatures.
As in October, it is best not to leave during national holidays (1st to May 7) and this for the same reasons as mentioned above.
In late spring, the temperatures are very pleasant with an average of 20 ° across the country.
If northern China is still far from this one rainy season settles softly in the South. I particularly recommend to go to Guilin and all other mountainous regions of China as the wind drives away the clouds and the landscapes are breathtaking.

idée de titre

Starting in September


The month of September is probably the third most pleasant time to go to China.
You have all the benefits of October with the addition of a little higher temperatures which can be nice if you like heat. However, be aware that rainfall still abound all depend on the region you want to visit.

Moon Cake festival

In September the festival takes place from mid-autumn, also known as Moon Festival. It takes place on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the lunar calendar, and that day the moon is rounder and more beautiful than the rest of the year. The full moon in China is often an opportunity to gather with family, so you’ll get to see the most beautiful Chinese customs and traditions. It was also at this time that we eat moon cake it s delicious, not to be missed if you are in China at this time of year.

Going to China in summer (May-August)

Before everything else you need to know that in summer it is very hot and the weather is very humid. It is not an ideal time.
If you wish to visit China in the summer, I advise you to go to Tibet, North West China, Inner Mongolia or in mountainous regions that are more livable a perspective temperatures.

Languages – can Chinese speak english ?

It is entirely possible to travel in China without ever hear English, let alone but it will not be easy every day. . professionals of tourism advice use English Guides in many places.

In big cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, the Chinese understand and speak little bit English, but only among the young population. In small towns and in the countryside, the overwhelming majority of Chinese know nothing of the language.

It is highly recommended to learn some Chinese basics before departure.

Be Casual during your stay in China, except in the great restaurants of Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong where you will need to dress more elegantly. Generally, pants, shirts, T-shirts, dresses and skirts comfortable suit. Allow shorts and short sleeves in summer, but also pants and long sleeves to protect you from mosquitoes at night. A hat proves sometimes essential. A thin rain jacket and sturdy shoes are good allies for walking and hiking in all weathers. The winter in the north and especially in elevation: overlay layers and bring warm clothes.

Take away

-Bank card
-Belt portfolio
-Medical Kit
-Mosquito repellant
-Mobile phone charger
-Clothing suitable for the climate
-Solar cream
-Hat and sunglasses
-Waterproof Clothing
Flash light
-Swiss Army knife
-Check the validity date of your passport
-Book your accommodation and your transportation
-Book a trip to China
Follow the procedure for a Chinese visa, and additional permits

  • Learn about airline baggage restrictions
  • Notify your bank of your departure
  • Subscribe if need travel insurance
  • Check the compatibility of your mobile phone abroad


The Chinese show fairly lenient in matters of etiquette, but he must still remain vigilant in certain situations:

Greetings Shake hands, but never made the wind. Nihao to greet and say Zaijian to leave.

To ask for help ask for directions, start your sentence with Wen Qing … (I ask you …) to apologize saying Duìbuqi (Sorry).

Religion Wear proper attire in Buddhist temples (especially in Tibet) and Taoist, churches and mosques.

At table Help fill the plate or the bowl of your table neighbor; raise a glass with your host and other guests; at the beginning of the meal, expect to wear a toast before drinking; if you smoke, give cigarettes to your neighbors; Always offer to pay for the tour in a bar, but did not interpose you to check out if anyone else wants to.

Limit your movement gestures of hands and not use too much body language.

Take with you

-Bank cards Cards (Visa and MasterCard especially) often accepted in tourist cities. In bars and restaurants, ask before ordering.

Distributors of DAB bank ICBC and Bank of China operate 24/24.

You can Change money In hotels, the main branches of Bank of China, and some department stores in international airports. Provide species in small towns.

Needless tip for the restaurant and taxi drivers.

More information on the means of payment and money in China

Can I travel all over China ?

It is possible to visit on its own the vast majority of Chinese sites. Organized circuits (easy to book through your hotel or a travel agency) are sometimes in broken English and may be expensive.

Avoid these circuits to places that can easily visit yourself, as some sections of the Great Wall channels or towns around Shanghai. Some travel agencies have guides who speak only Chinese.

Beware of formulas that include stops in shops or other commercial diversions. Hire the services of a taxi driver can be less expensive while offering more flexibility. Prefer trips organized for difficult access sites, tours of several days in remote areas or to cover several dispersed sites. Guides and recommended agencies are cited in the regional chapters of this guide.