Chinese Angel is giving sexual fulfillment to the Disabled

Taiwanese NGO ‘Hand Angels’ is giving sexual fulfillment to the debilitated

Disability and Sexuality is an entangled issue. A little Non-Governmental Organization called “Hand Angels” in Taipei is taking care of an issue that numerous capable individuals may never consider. The volunteers are giving Sexual administrations to the seriously Disabled. A little Taiwanese NGO is giving its extremely Disabled customers with an extraordinary sort of assistance

The 52-year-old originator, Vincent, created polio three months after he figured out how to walk. He said that he began up the association in view of his own troublesome life travel. He told BBC in a meeting: “At whatever point I see Disabled individuals like me, I feel for them. I see myself in them.”

Sex is progressively described as a privilege in China

While many created nations have begun focusing on Sexual needs of the Disabled, Sex is progressively described as a privilege everybody ought to have the capacity to appreciate. There are as of now numerous associations giving Sexual administrations to seriously Disabled individuals in some western nations and Japan.

Chinese girl

In the Netherlands, there are even Sex endowments for the Disabled. With prostitution sanctioned in the nation, the legislature is boosting the private attempts of its Disabled nationals. (very different of that)

Beijing VS Hand Angel

The administration from the Hand Angels is just given to the individuals who hold an extraordinary review Disability card, with an aggregate of three sessions accessible for nothing. The beneficiaries need to round out the application on the web and they can apply for both male and female volunteers to complete the administration, and a Hand Angel will contact the beneficiary and help them jerk off and achieve climax, with every session enduring a hour and a half.

female Hand Angels

Male beneficiaries who apply for female Hand Angels should hold up to two years to get the administration, while females applying for male volunteers or guys applying for the male volunteers encounter shorter holding up periods.

Chinese Hand

Popular topic on Chinese social Media

The Group, “Hand Angels,” was established by Vincent, a moderately aged man who created polio when he was a newborn child. On Social Media, while Vincent still has the utilization of his hands, the experience made him understand that others don’t, thus have no chance to get of fulfilling their physical and enthusiastic needs. Vincent told the BBC that the acknowledgment propelled him to build up his Group of volunteers that give Sexual administrations to the Disabled. (other buzz)

The Group even figured out how to catch a suitable URL:

While the session itself keeps going just a hour and a half or so – “from touching the individual to helping them achieve climax,” Vincent says – six months of arranging and gatherings go into the experience previously.

Sex volunteers

One of the Group’s Sex volunteers, Daan, said that he goes into the sessions as if he seemed to be “going for a one night remain with a young lady I met on the web.” Daan said that his customer, a lady named Mei Nu, was amazingly apprehensive in light of the fact that she had never been exposed before anybody before aside from her parental figures.

Digital Buzz VS critics

Obviously, some have blamed the Group for prostitution. In any case, the Hand Angels trust that they are giving an important web support of a fragment of the populace that has been totally desexualized, however has an indistinguishable needs and longings from every other person.


What do you think? Good or bad action …

80 best Tips to learn Chinese in Beijing

How many CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, you may think that speaking Chinese as a second language?

Learn Chinese if you live in Beijing … You should be able to think about it

The Internet is still buzzing after Mark Zuckerberg unveiled its latest product: its own Mandarin skills.

The majority of the online community was impressed by his dedication – he studied every day, as you should too – and with the courage to stand up in front of a crowd and spend 30 minutes to communicate in a language that it speaks imperfectly.

Public speaking impress Chinese

Public speaking is deeply frightening to many. In fact, it is at the top of the list of most survey responses regarding our greatest fears. It is also something that the Facebook CEO was not particularly good at the beginning of his career. But public speaking in a second language, the one you are not fluent? This is the stuff of nightmares.

Expat life in Beijing

Melanie, I began weekly Mandarin lessons. All other children in the class had been exposed to the language of infanthood, and just two hours a week of Mandarin teaching English in my other life was ineffective. Despite my best intentions, I eventually fell in the fifth year.

I will now try to build a life in China, and over the years have tried almost everything to become fluent in the language, including private tutors, self-learning with ribbons, college classes, and language buddies. Twenty years after I first set foot in my childhood Mandarin class, I’m finally on my way to master the language.

Here are the main lessons I learned along the way. If you avoid my mistakes, and focus on measures that really makes a difference, we hope that your trip to Mandarin fluency will not be quite as difficult or convoluted than mine.

Why Mark Zuckerberg really learn Mandarin ?

Why did he do that? We know it has been studied Chinese for a while, but why someone so powerful1 put themselves in a vulnerable position to criticism, even attack? For that matter, why study Chinese in the first place?

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Beijing my favorite city in China!!!

Beijing my favorite city in China!!!

Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China and one of the most populated cities in the world. The population in 2012 was 20,693,000. The metropolis, located in northern China, is governed as a direct-controlled municipality under the national government, with 14 urban and suburban districts and two rural counties.Beijing Municipality is surrounded by Hebei Province with the exception of Tianjin Municipality southern neighbor.

Beijing city Beijing modern city Beijing wonderfull city Beijing
Beijing is China’s second largest city by urban population after Shanghai and is the political, cultural and educational center of the nation. It is the seat of most of the large state enterprises in China, and is a major hub for road, highway, railway and high-speed rail networks. The Beijing Capital International Airport is the second largest in the world by passenger traffic.
The history of the city dates back to three thousand years. As the last of the four great ancient capitals of China, Beijing is the political center of the country during most of the last eight centuries. The city is renowned for its opulent palaces, temples, gardens, tombs, walls and doors,
and its art treasures and universities have made it a center of culture and art China.

Few cities in the world have been the political and cultural center of a huge industry for so long !

more information :

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Find an apartment in Beijing

Find an apartment in Beijing

Today we will visit three ad views on the Beijing apartments . Drawback rates for Western therefore more expensive . Advantage: English-speaking counterparts , thus easier to understand.

Beijing subway

We take the subway to our first appointment at 11am . The subway costs 2 yen , or 0.25 € . 6 times cheaper than Paris , it’s fun . First surprise : we must get our luggage X-rays, but unlike airports, there is no security gate . Amazing .

Then our magnetic card is passed through a machine , take the subway … and returns the magnetic badge to get out . The machine swallowed the card. Malin . Compared to Paris , fraud is almost impossible , magnetic cards are more convenient than paper tickets , and there is no metro ticket thrown to the ground .

By cons , some trash. Underground corridors , especially those leading to the outside , are extremely dirty ( trash everywhere ) , crowded and filled with small vendors (grilled corn … ) .

Another surprise : the Pekingese in the subway are as friendly as the Parisians . When out , nobody outside the gates has grown. So in elbowing and pulling the arms of my girlfriend we managed to get out . If my girlfriend would have remained inside …

Find an apartment in Beijing2

Two other surprises:

– Although the subway seems very dense ( fifteen lines now) , this is not the case in reality , Beijing is much larger than Paris , and there is only one metro stop all 1000/1500 meters against one every 400/500 meters in Paris.

– Advertising is everywhere: Inside the subway tunnels , there are small screens that broadcast advertising that moves at the same speed as the subway so as to be visible from inside the train. Similarly, we see the same pub where the hand is placed in the escalator …

Visit apartments

The first apartment is located in a neighborhood not friendly to our taste : we must take a bus to the subway , buildings are not terrible . We go : the room is big and refurbishment , but the apartment is tired and dirty. And outside is not great .

We visit a second apartment . The building is not that great from the outside – a large 14-storey tower – but the interior is much better . A very clean bright apartment , two bedrooms , a European standard. In one room , a Russian and sometimes his girlfriend. The other room is available. Small – 10/12 m² for two, this is not – but at least it is not too expensive – RMB 2600 per month, or 334 euros per month – 170 euros each. With electricity, internet , heating and water, it is 190 euros per month per person .

The building where I live in Beijing. A large bar 14 floors not very attractive at first glance, but very quiet , well located (in the business center , surrounded by brand new offices) and well equipped inside.Find an apartment in Beijing

We visit a third apart : the interior of the building is dirty, but it ‘s nice apartment . Problem : the room is only available for three months …

Finally, we take the second apartment. One has to pay three months at once more the deposit or RMB 10,400 (1350 € for two ) . It’s expensive, but not for me a month’s rent – and I’m quiet for three months.


Beijing Food

China extends north to the borders of Inner Mongolia. It is very cold in winter and too hot in summer. The cuisine reflects a continental, and there also consume lamb and mutton. The Huoguo (fondue) Mongolian is a dish best served in the winter. Sesame, made originally by the Tartar hordes, is very popular (oil seeds and sesame paste).

English: The Peking Duck as its ready to be sliced

English: The Peking Duck as its ready to be sliced (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Noodles and buns often replace steam rice (here we only cultivates wheat). The most popular vegetable in the region is a large cabbage white, derived from a cross between the cabbage, lettuce and celery, and known as the “Chinese cabbage“. The northern Chinese love strong flavors of rice vinegar and vegetables in sweet and sour sauce.

Beijing cuisine often combines solid rustic dishes with simple classic haute cuisine end of the imperial court. The summit is the famous culinary Peking duck, a dish originally imperial. The preparation consists of drying the duck in the open air, to be coated with a “glaze” soy, then roast it. Once cooked, the duck is carved at the table ceremoniously by a butler in white gloves.beijing duck

Guests pose a slice of crispy skin on which rest a little meat, a thin slice of cucumber, a sprig of chives and a hint of slightly sweet plum sauce on a small pancake as thin as a transparent sheet.

Peking duck preparating at Restaurant in Beijing

Peking duck preparating at Restaurant in Beijing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another popular dish, chicken beggar like Peking duck, generally must be ordered in advance when booking the table. Beggar chicken is a whole chicken stuffed with mushrooms, cabbage, herbs and onions, then wrapped in lotus leaves before being coated with clay, then stewed. A table, the client breaks the crust hardened himself with a small mallet to release the delicious aroma that developed inside.

Travel in Xi’an

Loess is an easy prey for the erosion that contributes to shaping these trays scenery. The area is known for its many cave houses dug into the clay friable loess. Today, there are still millions of people who live in these underground houses.

u=1415679029,125535012&fm=23&gp=0This region of six million people remained rough, inhabited for many farmers. This is what happens in the history of famous film director Zhang Yimou, who Ju, Chinese woman, with Gong Li in the lead role (Best Actress Award at the Venice Film Festival in 1992).

The city of Xi’an has approximately three million people, of which a large Muslim minority, the Hui (approximately
100 000).

u=2409147143,84561178&fm=23&gp=0The construction of a railroad in the 1930s, the city has given a boost, after centuries of lethargy, linking industrialized coastal provinces. It was not until 1949 that Xi’an is undergoing profound changes in industrializing.

Many textile mills were created using the cotton produced in large quantities in the province.

Other plants are dedicated to the manufacture of chemical fertilizers and agricultural machinery, there is even a large pharmaceutical plant in joint venture with Belgium. But it is tourism which is becoming the most important industry.

Fashion in China

In fashion, China would like to stand out … But where exactly are our friends the Chinese? I will speak of Shanghai and Beijing, because they are the two centers of fashion and they are the most opposed. In Shanghai, luxury shopping malls are legion, it becomes even maddening, ridiculous seeing as they are, for the most part, empty.

English: Alexander Wang at the 2009 Victoria's...

English: Alexander Wang at the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Except on weekends. The Shanghaiennes are fond of luxury Western (ie a little thanks to them that Vuitton has just fart all the scores in the luxury sector and, in times of crisis …). In Beijing, it is almost the same, except that the Pekingese (es) are much less bling. A good looking, there is no major Chinese designers. If they are Chinese, it is only a beginning, as they have their classes in the West. I quote Alexander Wang has managed the feat of selling luxury 100% made in China (thank you Anna Wintour who had the good idea to propel among older designers who, it must be said, struggling to renew itself) .

As a fashion “street”, it is instructive and reflects what the Chinese fashion today. That is to say, stuck in the 80s. I can not count the times or my eyes were assaulted by psychedelic visions of Véronique and Davina. I am often blocked before jeunettes spindle Bonbec pink t-shirt with yellow smiley. Missing is the foam headband in her hair and around the arm.

No, but I médis. The trend gradually arrange, we are passing in the 90s.

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I understand Beijingers tell me that Shanghai is vulgar. Yes, too much bling bling kills.

All this to say that China is still far from being a creative center for fashion. There is little place for young Chinese designers who, despite significant efforts, simply copy Western styles of other great designers. Hampered in their tracks in front of the European craze for luxury … it’s a shame.

Chinese way of transportation

Although China HAS Become the Largest second economy, a developing country Remains.
This development Proves here every day, gold is still very present unusual and so amazing.

This is the case for the transportation sector is a broad change in China, Where the movement of raw materials and products in general are very common. There are moyen de transport out of the ordinary for a stranger and take us back to very remote times.

u=3526956711,2688447381&fm=23&gp=0The photo below shows how the Chinese are against Especially inventive and able of anything.

In France a maxim says “impossible is not French,” but here in China They Have Adapted this maxim “nothing is impossible”, and this is indeed true, as you can see sometimes in Chinese streets.

You can see piles unusual object on a wide variety of bicycles, cardboard or polystyrene Such as, chairs, gas cylinders or long pipes, goal aussi animals.

It is clear That is not nothing in China!

Prepare its Chinese trip

Of course, you say, but do not bother to bring your entire wardrobe or your bathroom to travel in China.

National emblem of the People's Republic of China

National emblem of the People’s Republic of China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember that you are limited in terms of pounds for your luggage, usually between 20 and 30 pounds depending on the airline.
In China you will find everything and a lot cheaper than in France, there is no need to load a pack your suitcase for travel in the Middle Kingdom. During your stay you are going to buy souvenirs, gifts, beating heart, things that will fill and weigh down your suitcase.

So to summarize, just take the bare minimum or leave you a few pounds margin for your small purchases in China.

From Beijing Airport

Airport (Beijing Capital International Airport)
Beijing is the hub for air transport in China: 84 national and 54 international destinations.
The airport is located 27km to the east of Beijing.

English: Beijing Capital International Airport...

English: Beijing Capital International Airport 中文: T3航站楼机场快轨站 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The airport already completely renovated in 1999, has grown from two new wings in April 2008.

A fast train connects the airport, the metro station and bus from Dongzhimen.
The line is the means of transport most effective way to reach the city center.

The most practical alternative to regain the center from the airport is to take a taxi (40 minutes).
The race will cost between 70 and 90 yuan depending on the destination and the type of vehicle (1.60 or 2 yuan per kilometer). There also are 10 yuan toll more.

The queue of taxis just outside the door of the international and national output (the former are generally faster). It is better to avoid taxis who solicit the arrival hall: most of them refuse to use the meter, and the race is likely to be much more expensive than it should.

English: Lobby of Terminal 3 of Beijing Capita...

English: Lobby of Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport 中文: 機場大廳 – 3号航站楼 – 北京首都国际机场 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A more economical option is to take buses from the city center from the airport. Five lines are proposed routes are indicated at the counter which is initially the bus before the domestic arrivals.
Transport costing 16 yuan, but the buses usually leave once full, making the waiting time very uncertain.

Airport taxes, which should be paid separately in the past, are now included in the ticket price.