Crocodile kebab business in China attract tourists

Crocodile kebab vendor in north China takes croc for walk on a leash to drum up business

The crocodile kebab business enterprise in Shenyang is apparently a troublesome a single which has a seller creating waves on-line and all around city recently by having a person croc out to get a walk during the hope that some passersby may possibly discover the animal appetizing. source

Pedestrians ended up found snapping pics with the crocodile on a leash yesterday night time close to the night marketplace. Although this might sound a bit demeaning for any prehistoric predator just like the crocodile, this minor man at the very least has it a lot better than his friends that have been cut up into chunks and skewered on to sticks.


We initial noticed these croc kebabs again in 2016, priced at twenty yuan a skewer. Offering crocodile meat is flawlessly authorized in China with authorities deeming that reproductive know-how for your species is designed plenty of to supply for human consumption.

buzz attract Chinese tourists 

If your mystery meat kebabs on the road corner usually are not enjoyable ample in your case, then you definately need to truly choose out some 20-yuan expenses and head on as many as Liaoning province.


There, a
avenue seller in Shenyang will market you crocodile meat on the adhere. Images in the croc kebabs have attracted really a little bit of notice online.
dwell crocodiles are even put ideal beside the barbecue because the vendor can take orders. When you are fortunate, you could even get to pet and hold just one prior to you take in it.

Advertising crocodile meat

In China, it seems that advertising crocodile meat is flawlessly lawful in China. In 2003, the Condition Forestry Administration deemed that reproductive technologies for crocodiles is made ample. Farmers are permitted to breed and try to eat crocodiles as long as they may have a license, People’s Each day stories.

Serving crocodile meat as meals will not be new, but going for walks the foodstuff with a leash in public in advance of you get rid of it may be a tad shocking to some.
Although not for this seller.
A kebab
seller in Shenyang, China decided to just take his croc over a stroll in general public – with its jaws taped shut, of courseinside a bid to promote his organization.
Onlookers who
noticed the dreary beast strolling over a leash were being viewed snapping pics of it.
The crocodile
is said to be an item of artificial rearing on professional farms, measuring 1.5m very long and weighing 25kg, reported . Crocodile meat is additionally explained to be nourishing and minimal in extra fat.
In accordance to the sale of crocodile meat is legal in China, with authorities even saying which the reproductive technology current assures enough crocodiles for human consumption.
Aside from advertising croc kebabs, the Chinese vendor also sells cooked centipedes, scorpions and also other creepy-crawlies as food items on skewers.
The leashed crocodile
can also be observed for being displayed before his stall.
Photos in the croc’s stroll in community have captivated many varieties of reactions on social websites, with a few expressing their love for crocodile meat.


Angry Chinese Lady Scolds ‘Shameful’ Chinese Tourists In Viral Rant


Buzz on Chinese Social Networks

A Chinese lady has become a hit on social media after the shooting go on a destructive and expletive-laden rant about the misbehavior of their holidaying Lands.

Sister Big Bin

In video they posted on Facebook, Bin Bin Ji, also “Sister Big Bin” shouted a volley of harsh criticism of another Chinese woman directed that a large piece of wanted to take wood at home, on the beach of his beloved in Phuket rattled, Thailand. Rep told the lady not to take the wood, but she would not listen, so kicked Ms. Ji. In the end the lady gave a long dispute.

If Thailand does not have laws, I can tell you to put the Lovers’ beach, within a year we will put Chinese all its sand back home in the aquarium to breed fish, “said Ms. Ji in the video:” take everything. Everything. Always like that.”

“What is the system of rules? What is the system of rules? We have said it again and again. Is not that the incident of the person to death a few days ago still bitten bloody to be?” She said with respect to the death of a woman mauled by a tiger in a Beijing Safari Park last month. Many Chinese saw that death as an example of what can happen if you do not adhere to the rules.

“Why are these kinds of Chinese becoming more and more? It’s f- shameful”, Ms. Ji said at the end of the video.

After Ms. Ji video published last Sunday on their Facebook page, the video 443,000 views and 14,000 people won. Your personal page has 5728 followers now. Facebook is in China but blocked Ms. Ji posted the video, while she was still in Thailand.

The video is also on Weibo, a Chinese social media website is a bit like Twitter have been reposted. It received wide praise from Chinese netizens.

“Said Genial! I am very happy that has your behavior Chinese people image effectively protected”, a writing called Sc, Lizhijianfeishaonian.

“Grown overnight riches, but people do not capture the quality has” another person wrote Walker Min named.

Chinese tourists have a bad reputation abroad for headlines with bad etiquette like skipping lines, spat on the floor and litter to make. But as China’s economy progresses and educational levels rise, people will know this and better behavior from their Chinese mainland demand.

“If all people have your consciousness, our people will not worry about Chinese tourists wherever we … out of the country goal we are a family, we can do some acts of high quality and not allow China to face to lose?” a -Wazi called Xiansheng said on Weibo.

The misdeeds of Chinese tourists are a headache for the government that takes care abroad through their image. The state media and authorities have both the propaganda and Chinese people the law used to say, how to act when they go on vacation. In 2015, the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) public transport began including interfere without detecting bad behavior of tourists on the local customs and damaging cultural relics.

“The bad behavior of outbound tourists Chinese people image is affected to some extent,” CNTA said on its website.

In a report last year, the state-run media outlet Xinhua asked for the people, “to pack her bag of etiquette and civilization before they embark on a journey.” Said Xinhua earlier this year that the number of negative reports recently declined and the behavior had improved.

Top 10 cities with beaches in China

Discover the beaches in China!

In China, the cities by the sea are many, however, they do not all offer quality beaches to spend a good time.

Here is a list of the 10 most famous cities of China to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Each of these cities offers a natural and pleasant, attractive beaches and many attractions for a great holiday. Booming tourism in China!

1) Sanya


It is the ideal destination to enjoy the sandy beaches, their palms, and their clear water. This rich city in cultural diversity is also known for its mountains and hot springs, and offers some of the finest scenery in the world. On site, this paradise allows you to practice many sports and water activities.

Note : Sanya is however a very expensive city to live in, because it lives almost exclusively from tourism.

2) Qingdao


It is a famous city of the Shandong Peninsula to its seaport. Also known for its beer : Tsingtao, it is a tourist destination where it is very pleasant to stroll in the streets and houses of the old concessions. The beaches along this scenic coastal city are many and very lively, with many places to eat, refresh and entertain.

Note : Huiquan is the Asia’s largest sandy beach with its 3.6 hectares.

3) Qinhuangdao


This city is located in the northeast of Hebei province and bordered by the Bohai Sea in the South, Qinhuang Island is an important port for foreign trade in North of China.

Note : The « Gold Coast »with its 52,1km along, offers sandy beaches bordering large forests. Other famous beaches can be mentioned those of Beidaihe and Nandaihe.

4) Zhuhai


This city is not only known to be a very pleasant coastal city in southern of Guangdong province, but also to offer a selection of beautiful beaches.

Note : Golden Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Zhuhai.

In addition, the island also offers Hebao sumptuous seashores with crystal clear waters.

5) Rizhao


This city is also part of Shandong Peninsula, and is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea against Korea and Japan. It is famous for its blue sky and golden beaches. Rizhao has the sandy beach the longest in the country, extending for 60 km. It also has many scenic spots as a national forest park and numerous mountain area.

6) Xiamen

The city faces at the ast China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, the Strait of Xiamen is located in Fujian province. Being surrounded by the sea, it offers wide sandy beaches and numerous natural and cultural landscapes.


Note : This « City on the Sea » is one of the most popular seaside resorts of China.

7) Beihai

This city is famous for its long beaches, islands, lakes, forests and hills. Beihai Silver Beach is 10 kilometers from the city center and extends over 24 kilometers.

Note : This city is one of the five most beautiful resorts of the country, it is often considered the most beautiful China Beach for its white sand, its clean and warm water, and gentle waves.


8) Dalian

This city is known for its natural attractions, especially for its beaches. The city is home to many shores which are known for their natural beauty, which are breathtaking, and thrilling for water activities that can be practiced there.


Note : Fujiazhuang is certainly the most popular beach in Dalian with its golden sand, turquoise sea and its many reefs, on a long stretch of 550 meters. Islands and forests make Fujiazhuang beach even more enjoyable.

9) Haikou


It is the capital of the island province of Hainan, which also houses the city of Sanya. It has four main beaches : Holiday Beach, Xixiu Beach, Baishamen Beach and Guilinyang Beach.

10) Ningbo


It is a coastal city in Zhejiang Province in China. It is located South of the Yangtze River delta, and faces the East China Sea in the East.

Note : The range of Mount Songlan is certainly the most noteworthy with its landscape of mountains facing the Sea Many islands are also the delight of tanning and relaxation lovers.

Chinese tourist affraid to travel in South Asia

Chinese tourist affraid to travel in South Asia


Now it’s time for China to face the weight of complaints.

The year started well for Mai Thanh Trung, newly employed in a company to travel here that caters to groups of Chinese tourists. Mr Trung said he welcomed charter flights to mainland China regularly and pocketed an average monthly fee of about $ 600.

But then came May, when a Chinese public company stationed an oil rig near the coast of Vietnam in the center part of the South China Sea that both countries claim. Two days of anti-Chinese riots followed in southern and central Vietnam. And, according to hospitality professionals in this city of nearly a million of the Central Coast, the Chinese inbound tourism market crashed. more information here

chinois touriste

Chinese tourists Complain

The complaints are familiar – they gape, they jostle, they avoid the local cuisine, and last year, 83 million Chinese mainland spent $ 102 billion abroad – Americans and Germans overruns – which makes biggest spenders of tourism in the world, according to the World tourism Organization.

Their numbers have their place among the most resentment tourists. Tourists from mainland China, often loaded with money and do not know the foreign means, collapse on the bus with apparently little appetite for breakfast buffet in the hotel and no concept of lining up.


Frustrations with the new tourists were summarized in a Thai online bulletin board last spring, when users posted complaints about Chinese tourists using voice outdoor inside and spitting in public, among other transgressions .

Zadig et Voltaire in Paris

Last year, Thierry Gillier, a French fashion designer who founded the label Zadig et Voltaire, caused a minor scandal when he told daily women that Chinese tourists would not be welcome at his new boutique Usage Paris. A barrage of international criticism persuaded him to apologize.
“For now it’s going back to the island of Hainan, but we do not know when it will come back,” he said of the platform, Chinese tourist are the future


Although at least four Chinese workers died in the riots, order was restored quickly. But China and other countries have issued notices citing potential risks to public safety in Vietnam. Tourism specialists said the Chinese board has led thousands of people to cancel trips, partly because it struck some travel insurance policies.

4.3 million foreign visitors to Vietnam

The Chinese make up about one quarter of the nearly 4.3 million foreign visitors to Vietnam in the first six months of 2014. But in June, arrivals from mainland China fell by about 30 percent and Hong Kong fell 72 percent compared to May.

“They became a little scared,” said Matthias Wiesmann, Director General of the Furama Resort Danang, one of the many beachfront properties in the city. Hotel has lost 10 percent to 15 percent of its business, approximately 2,800 nights in May and June, he said.

also see

Problem of Safety

Nguyen Xuan Binh, director of Da Nang by the government for the promotion of tourism, said the average occupancy rate in hotels seafront of the city was 60 percent to 70 percent at the end June, compared to the usual 80 percent to 90 percent. But Ken Atkinson, president of the working group of tourism in Vietnam Business Forum, a public-private consortium, has suggested that the rate was probably not more than 30 percent or 40 percent.

Mr. Binh said Da Nang is as safe as ever. He predicted that Chinese tourists return, but said he did not know when.

“They will come to Da Nang to see the reality,” he said.

Chinese tourists spent $ 102 billion on 83 million trips abroad in 2012, raising the country over Germany as the world’s top source of international tourism, according to the World Organization tourism.
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But tourists from China are often very sensitive to how they and their government are perceived abroad, while Chinese officials consider tourism to be closely linked to major diplomatic strategies, tourism experts said in interviews.


Japan, Chinese arrivals dropped in late 2012 and much of 2013, according to figures from the National Organization of Japanese tourism provided by the Institute for Research outgoing China Tourism in Heide, Germany. The slump was akin to a period of rising tensions between China and Japan over disputed in the East China Sea islands, said the director of the institute, Wolfgang Georg Arlt.


And Malaysia, 19.5 percent in the number of Chinese tourists arrived in April than in April 2013, according to government data. In contrast, the number fell to 0.10 percent in March and 3.6 percent in February and increased by nearly 25 percent in January from the previous year.

Brian King, a professor of tourism at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, said that several Chinese airlines have scaled back flights to Malaysia after the disappearance of flight 370 Malaysia Airlines on March 8, two thirds of whom were passengers Chinese. In addition, a Chinese tourist was kidnapped from a resort in Malaysia in April.

“The plans of Malaysia for the development of tourism in China are well off course for the moment,” said Mr. King. “Until more information about the flight, while likely continue to be the case . ”

He added that the flight Malaysia Airlines hit Ukraine would probably have a “very low” effect on tourism in Asia and the disaster could actually increase inbound Chinese tourism in Malaysia if the airline continued to reduce rates for attract customers.

Mr. Binh, the official tourism in Da Nang, said the growth in inbound Chinese tourism market of the city before May was mainly due to a sharp increase since 2012 charter flights operated by Vietnam Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines. He said Dragonair, a sister company of Cathay Pacific, was also open non-charter flights between Hong Kong and Da Nang.

A spokesman for the Crown corporations Vietnam Airlines declined to comment on the Chinese tourism crisis, saying in an email that the company was still “collection and evaluation of the” related information. China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines did not respond to an email seeking comment.

Cathay Pacific and Dragonair canceled a total of 23 return flights between Hong Kong and three regular destinations Vietnam – Da Nang, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City – between late May and late June, said Erica Peng, director of Vietnam Cathay Pacific countries. She added that airlines have operated normally 33 weekly flights from Hong Kong to these cities, seven Dragonair flights to Da Nang.

Mr. Binh, the Official Tourism, said that the “main engine” behind the Da Nang charter flights from China was the Crowne Plaza Danang, a large hotel on the seafront of the city. Four executives of the hotel on the central coast of his analysis echoes, saying the Crowne Plaza caters almost exclusively to Chinese tourist groups.
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One afternoon recently been, Zhang Lei, a Chinese businessman Henan Province, stood next to the swimming pool by the sea deserted courtyard of the Crowne Plaza. He said that apart from friends, he traveled with, he had not met other Chinese customers during his stay and that many Chinese did not move to Vietnam because of Sea dispute South China and riots plant in May.

“China has helped Vietnam so much over the years, but the Vietnamese have turned against us,” Mr. Zhang said, sipping a coconut.

Crowne Plaza employee, who declined to give his name because he was not authorized to speak to the news media, said Chinese were generally 70 to 80 percent of hotel guests. Emma Corcoran, a spokesman for the parent company of the hotel, InterContinental Hotels Group, declined a request for an interview with the CEO of the hotel.

Clarence Tan, Chief Operating Officer of the company for Asia and South East stations, said in an emailed statement that the recent Advisory tourism from China by the Chinese government, coupled with the reduction direct charter flights to Da Nang, has contributed to a decline in Chinese arrivals to Da Nang company properties.

Despite the decline in Chinese arrivals, Vietnam is still waiting to welcome 8.2 million international tourists this year, Nguyen Manh Cuong, Deputy Chairman of the National Tourism Agency, told reporters on July 9, a few days before the Chinese oil rig left the disputed area of the South China Sea. The total last year was almost 7.6 million, official figures show.

The start of the platform seems to have a greater confidence overall tourism in Vietnam, said Wiesmann, the Furama Resort Danang. He added that companies owned by the sea was almost back to normal by the end of July, due to upticks in, Japanese, South Korean and Vietnamese Australian customers.

Mr. Wiesmann said Chinese inbound tourism, but still slow, was improving “gradually”, even if we do not know when, or if, the market fully recover.

“It’s a little difficult to predict,” he said on CNN

15 tips you should know before have tourism in China

Explore China can shake even seasoned travelers, what you should know before a trip in China ?

China is a Huge Country

This is a huge country with enough languages ​​and dialects leaving many baffled even native Chinese speakers to the idea of ​​communicating away from home.

But traveling away from big cities is not scary, and it is not unmanageable.

Traveling during the last years of my home base in Shanghai, I took a lot of advice – both from my own experiences and others – that make life on the road in China easy and much more rewarding little more.

Here are 20 of them to get you started.

china tourist

Score extra beds the easy way

Chinese hotels are not too picky when it comes to match the number of beds for the number of people, especially when additional members are children.

For families, this can save a lot of money. Rather than having two bedrooms, a family of four can get in a comfortable double room, where two beds are the same size as a normal double bed.
Follow the appropriate protocol currency

Do not insult a taxi driver in Shanghai overloaded with small cuts, such as 1 or 5 ratings yuan jiao. He likes the clink of coins.

Conversely, in the north and west of China, expect sellers market simply reject parts.

They like paper money, no matter how small the denomination.

3. Use the best application language for travelers

Pleco is the best application of the Chinese language for travelers.

The dictionary of the basic application is free. It costs U.S. $ 14.95 to buy based optical character recognition (compatible with the camera of the iPhone 4 or 5). Point the iPhone a Chinese menu and get an instant translation.

4. Personalize your gifts

Have beautiful handmade objects and order – a neon sign your name, a pair of riding boots, a set of sheets, wardrobe oak silk duvet or cashmere coat.

China is the land of opportunities. If you can dream it, anyone can do it.

The Neon-plasma Tech company Shandong Juancheng make custom neon in a week and will be available everywhere.

Use the best guides for Offbeat China

China Little T (r) ips is a series of guides for those who want to leave the well worn tourist trail in China, but do not have the inside knowledge or language skills to do so.

These guides Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Sichuan and Qinghai soon contain detailed itineraries, maps and specific language maps for each stage of the journey.

Rice control the right way

Rice is often served during a meal in Chinese restaurants, be seen as a cheap way to fill in the end if necessary.

Anyone wanting a meal with rice must specify the server saying mifan (rice) mashang (immediately).

Toilet paper reminder 7.

Toilet paper is rarely found in public toilets in China. Bring your own supplies.

8. Dodging lunches difficult

Outside major cities and branded hotels internationally, the Chinese hotel breakfasts cater exclusively to the local market.

This is not a problem for anyone who loves congee and pickles, but can be an unimaginable obstacle for kids or picky eaters. Bring a box of their favorite cereal and some small milk cartons and everyone starts the happy day.

Most hotels do not mind.

MORE: Hundreds of flights were canceled at airports in China, more to come

. 9 Do not worry – it’s safe

China is nearly as terrifying as many guides would have you believe.

Yes, traffic is chaotic and air could be better – much better – but China is one of the safest countries in the world for female travelers, single travelers and families.

Give 10 -. And get – instant gratification

Those traveling in rural China often want to give a small gift to the locals they meet, but are unsure of what might be considered appropriate.

A portrait delivered instantly on a Polaroid camera is a popular gift on the ground.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 Polaroid sells for about 400 RMB (U.S. $ 62) major electronics retailers.

Trespass with confidence

Accustomed to the idea of private property, international travelers are often reluctant to move away from worn in ways and hutongs fear of intrusion paths.

But this is not how the Chinese see things.

All these outdoor spaces are public spaces, streets and ways and hold some of the most exciting in the big cities of China scenes.

12. Do not be fooled by loud voices

The Chinese love to talk loudly and with passion sometimes and it can be easy to confuse this for an argument.

Participation in a lively Shanghai between a taxi driver and a Chinese friend discussion, I thought they were about to come to blows.

“No,” they said. “We talked together about the devastating effects of the earthquake in Sichuan was.”

13. Need help? Find a schoolboy

The range of dialects and variants across China Mandarin can make communication difficult, even for native speakers Mandarin.

But help is always at hand: the age of 25 are more likely to speak standard Mandarin and English.

Students who have studied English in the books for years, but have had little contact with native English speakers can more easily understand the written questions.

14. Establish a connection hometown

Learn the names of the most famous country for radiating instant recognition of taxi drivers, waiters and the man in the street.

Tip: Eiffel Tower is “My fei’er your tie,” Statue of Liberty “xiang zi shen you NU” and the Great Barrier Reef is “da bao jiao.”

15. Proposes breakfast alley

To get a bit of local color on business trips that would otherwise be spent inside taxis and meeting rooms, “take the streets behind the hotel for an early breakfast pellets or noodles and watch area awakening while you eat “suggests Australian business traveler Matthew Tobin.


more info:


Hundreds of flights canceled at China, difficult season for Tourism

Hundreds of flights canceled at China, difficult season for Tourism

Hundreds of flights to and from eastern China were canceled or delayed on Monday and state media warned that more disruption should be expected in the coming weeks.

Nearly 200 flights were canceled in two airports in Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao – which are among the busiest airports in the country air. 120 other flights were delayed for more than two hours.

touristes chinois

Flights from other airports in eastern Chinese cities, “including Nanjing and Hangzhou, have also been affected.

Flight are Cancelled

Largest airports in the country, serving the megacities of Shanghai and Beijing, suffer some of the worst flight delays in the world.

In June 2013, Beijing Capital International Airport has touched the bottom of the list of the slowest airports in the world, according to FlightStats information to travel from the U.S. air services.

Just 18.3% of flights from the airport to the left of the time during this month and about 42% of flights experienced delays of 45 minutes or more.

Second on the list was worse Shanghai Hongqiao, where only 24% of flights on time.



Officials and airlines have some light on the reasons for the disruption.

Local officials cited “restrictions of air traffic” while Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines said: “Airspace was occupied,” according to the newspaper Shanghai Daily.

None of these sources elaborated on comments.

“Among the situations of traffic restrictions imposed are being air when military maneuvers are underway,” the newspaper added.

CCTV, the state television channel, shared on his Weibo account – the Chinese equivalent of Twitter – a note widely circulated, published originally on a Chinese blog crew driving, says the authority of the civil Aviation has asked airlines to cut flights by 25% in eastern China.

12 airports in China are affected

“The following 12 airports will experience massive delays for 26 days! Fliers, bring snacks and water!” CCTV station said.

“From 20 July to 15 August exploitation of these airports – including Shanghai Hongqiao, Shanghai Pudong, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Jinan, Wuxi, Ningbo, Qingdao, Lianyungang, Zhengzhou and Wuhan – will be affected by exercises conducted by a high frequency other party. All companies are requested to reduce theft by 25% and flyers are expected to face delays. ”

Officials of the Administration of Civil Aviation of China declined to comment when approached by CNN.

This is the second large-scale disruption of air traffic in China in the past two weeks.

More than 100 flights were canceled or delayed on July 14 in Shanghai.

Two users were detained by the police for allegedly manufacturing and circulation claims “related to the fight against corruption,” the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post.

Internet users said the disturbance is due to the arrest of a government official of high rank in trying to flee the country.

37 others were reprimanded in the crackdown against Internet “rumor mongers” according to SCMP.

Problems airflow China continue

Delays long flights are common in China.


Air traffic control and airspace restrictions too conservative for civil aircraft are two of the reasons for these delays…


sources :




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TOURISM: China outbound scale is expected to exceed 115 million people

TOURISM: China outbound scale is expected to exceed 115 million people

In 2014, the scale of China’s outbound tourism is expected to refresh the record, more than 115 million people. When the 25th, China National Tourism Administration Shao Qiwei of the U.S. Embassy attended a tourism promotion activities in Beijing, given this data.

Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists

According to statistics, in 2013 the total number of outbound Chinese citizens to 98.19 million passengers. A report recently released by the China Tourism Research Institute pointed out that last year, China is further consolidating its role as the world’s largest outbound tourist market and the largest outbound tourism consumption country.

Shao Qiwei said that, from January to May, Chinese citizens traveling abroad increased by 18.8% over last year. Click to increase expected this year, Chinese citizens traveling abroad to more than 115 million people.

Among them, the number of tourists from China to the United States since 2008 ushered in rapid growth. Shao Qiwei said that in 2008 the two countries the size of two-way communication staff of 256 million people, and by 2013 had grown to 405 million.

In Chinese citizens outbound enthusiasm, while tourist arrivals in 2013 fell slightly year on year. In this regard, Shao Qiwei also pointed out that Chinese citizens traveling abroad is growing rapidly, while inbound tourists last year, but declined.

For the above, said Shao Qiwei, welcome more American friends travel to China, while encouraging Chinese citizens going abroad outbound tourism policy will not change.



Chinese exit visa consulate price list

Chinese exit visa consulate price list

Ctrip announced exit visas for Chinese tourists, “the consulate price list”, including the world’s Top 47 countries and regions, the minimum charge is $ 0 consular leaving users wonder.

paris safe

Reporters learned that this is the first of a visa, “the consulate price list”, covering almost the most popular outbound destination. Earlier charges of domestic visa agency did not inform the consulate price and the agency fee. Insiders said that when visitors visa agency quoted simply subtract the release of “consulate price”, the service fee is charged by the agency.

In this list, the reporter found that the visa fee rates charged by the country of destination for Chinese tourists vary, largely based on the complexity of the procedure and the travel distance is divided into several categories: the nearest Korean consulate price at 200 million, of which Okinawa individual tourist visas and consulates price is $ 0; countries in Southeast Asia are mostly cost 100-200 yuan; European countries are generally more than 500 yuan; United States is 1008 yuan.


Chinese tourists to Korea Crazy shopping

Chinese tourists to Korea Crazy shopping

Spring Festival this year, sales of department stores in Korea has grown exponentially thanks to the influx of Chinese tourists. The head office is located in Myeong-dong shopping New World, Chinese tourists said while receiving the Spring Festival 2.5-3 times the usual number.

Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists

Media of South Korea have recently reported that the Spring Festival this year, sales of department stores in Korea has grown exponentially thanks to the influx of Chinese tourists. Travel agents, cheap, convenient visa is said, what South Korea free exercise of choice for Chinese tourists.

Data: a person spends the equivalent of buying a car

According to Yonhap news during the Spring Festival, a large influx of Chinese tourists at major retailers in Korea.

Lotte Department Store, said that during the Spring Festival January 31 to February 9, CUP card transactions from the point of view of Chinese sales increased 125% for three consecutive years to achieve triple digit growth.

The head office is located in Myeong-dong shopping New World, Chinese tourists said while receiving the Spring Festival 2.5-3 times the usual number.

Chinese tourists preferred brand sales doubled last year, jewelry and watches category sales have increased more than 2.5 times last year. Per capita sales of 30 million won (about RMB 16.9558 million) and 100 million won range.

If the brand of local common modern Korean car, for example, the price of 60,000 to 300,000 yuan, Chinese tourists per capita sales in the local purchase can buy a modern mid-size car.

Reporters spotted yesterday morning at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Web Site for the latest Korean Chinese statistics, the per capita consumption of Chinese tourists in Korea amounted to $ 2.317, followed by reporter compared the other major tourist destinations data in 2012, found that Korea was more than luxury goods in France, ranking second.

Analysis: South Korea in the free exercise of the option

Travel agents Spring Festival this year statistical exercise cities, urban basic Korea ranked first, two, why so many tourists to South Korea? Number of travel agencies, he said, mainly because the reasons for the cheap and convenient visa.

Reporter asked travel agents Spring Festival launched the fare of Korea, a Seoul three days of exercise basically remained around 2,000 yuan, while the domestic price of the same product from the same number of days, visitors can choose Jiangzhe tour.

Tour of South Korea pushes prices lower, mainly due to the annual tourist season, and airlines are the main focus of fighting agencies seats, seats quite favorable season, the airline gave fine, so around $ 2000 for sale price, basically to keep the cost of the travel agencies.

Meanwhile, the South Korean visa easily, such as household registration in Beijing Visitor, or 5 years, had traveled visited the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries, tourists, only application form, photographs, passport, ID card can be handled directly.

In addition, visitors to Korea, more shopping. Haitao Tourism Marketing Manager Sunli Chan said, because of China close, in addition to products care skin free local taxes and the price is very cheap, as many tourists to South Korea for its shopping. “You want to buy a new season clothes and bags, and a direct hit on a ‘fly’ to South Korea to buy some, who to go to France to be much more convenient.”

Chinese tour speciallist