Beijing Food

China extends north to the borders of Inner Mongolia. It is very cold in winter and too hot in summer. The cuisine reflects a continental, and there also consume lamb and mutton. The Huoguo (fondue) Mongolian is a dish best served in the winter. Sesame, made originally by the Tartar hordes, is very popular (oil seeds and sesame paste).

English: The Peking Duck as its ready to be sliced

English: The Peking Duck as its ready to be sliced (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Noodles and buns often replace steam rice (here we only cultivates wheat). The most popular vegetable in the region is a large cabbage white, derived from a cross between the cabbage, lettuce and celery, and known as the “Chinese cabbage“. The northern Chinese love strong flavors of rice vinegar and vegetables in sweet and sour sauce.

Beijing cuisine often combines solid rustic dishes with simple classic haute cuisine end of the imperial court. The summit is the famous culinary Peking duck, a dish originally imperial. The preparation consists of drying the duck in the open air, to be coated with a “glaze” soy, then roast it. Once cooked, the duck is carved at the table ceremoniously by a butler in white gloves.beijing duck

Guests pose a slice of crispy skin on which rest a little meat, a thin slice of cucumber, a sprig of chives and a hint of slightly sweet plum sauce on a small pancake as thin as a transparent sheet.

Peking duck preparating at Restaurant in Beijing

Peking duck preparating at Restaurant in Beijing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another popular dish, chicken beggar like Peking duck, generally must be ordered in advance when booking the table. Beggar chicken is a whole chicken stuffed with mushrooms, cabbage, herbs and onions, then wrapped in lotus leaves before being coated with clay, then stewed. A table, the client breaks the crust hardened himself with a small mallet to release the delicious aroma that developed inside.

fondue pot in shanghai


Fondue (Photo credit: shimonkey)

In Shanghai a giant fondue has been organized at a festival dedicated to this specialty, a way to restore popular with Chinese.

The fondue pot is made in a Mongolian 2 meters in diameter containing broth with 200 kg of pellets seafood

The dish was served free to all visitors.