Hong Kong Island

Honk kong IslandThe island of Hong Kong, which represents only 7% of the territory, is home to the famous City and its forest of skyscrapers. Skyline at the foot of Victoria Peak, is impressive by day and night. The flamboyant buildings have long since displaced the old Chinese houses and the price per m2 is among the highest in the world.

hong kong islandIt is on the island of Hong Kong, Central, the beating financial heart of Asia: it is not for nothing that Hong Kong is often compared to New York. Walking in the area is an unforgettable experience!




Shanghai Food

Shanghai is the largest city and the largest port in mainland China. Just like New York, the city does not really her own kitchen, but gathers and refines the neighboring provinces. It is located at the place where the river flows into the Yangtze China Sea. The lower Yangtse abounds in vegetables and freshwater products.

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China.

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shanghai, a city of gourmets, brings together a wide variety of dishes: fried ravioli, many soups, fish and seafood, specialty until this very popular in Hong Kong, crab “hairy” freshwater. Sins during the spawning season in the Fall, these crabs will be shipped by air boxes whole Hong Kong, where they are eagerly awaited by connoisseurs palate (and silver).

The region also produces an incredible amount of ducks, which are dried and “hurry” in Nanjingshanghai crab In Shanghai, one of the favorite methods of cooking is cooking red, which involves long simmering food in soy sauce and rice wine yellow. Ravioli stuffed with meat, eel cooked in wine with garlic pieces, noodles sautéed freshwater shrimp are just one small sample.




Guangzhou food

Cantonese cuisine was influenced by brilliant chefs who had to flee the imperial court in 1644, when the Ming Dynasty was overthrown. The fishing industry has developed on the coast. The Cantonese word fish, whose pronunciation similar to the word “prosperity” that the fish has a place of choice on the table Cantonese.
For Cantonese, the freshness of the product premium.

cantonese foodCooking with steam fish and dim sum (Chinese brunch consists of small pasta served in a steaming bamboo baskets) preserves the taste of food and is famous Cantonese cuisine. It is also the kitchen less spicy. Canton of emigration has long since been spread around the world an image of Chinese cuisine.

Among the most famous dishes figure prominently rice Cantonese and shark fin soup.

cantonese foodCantonese cuisine boasts dishes as “exotic” dog, snake and turtle. Cages and terrariums filled with nice little beasts are not to look pretty, but for the customer to choose up the contents of his plate




Short visit of Xi’an terracotta army

Appointment before visiting the pits in the first room. Two beautiful bronze chariots drawn by horses were found in 1980 in a wooden sarcophagus. Their scale is half the size. The reins are in gold and silver (the Chinese had passed masters of metallurgy). These models represent a real tank tank says “comfort” and a chariot “high” for large turned inspection vast kingdom. On a technicality unheard, the tank had hot water comfort inside and a cold water system for cooling during periods of high heat, so air conditioning in all. The tank had a high weather protection canopy whose opening and closing are commanded by a small lever. They are exhibited in the museum on site.

You can see photographs showing the tank was literally found in “thousand pieces” and it took a very long and thorough archaeologists to reconstruct the full. It explains through photography discovered this fabulous site.
Many art lovers would love to have even one of these soldiers. A Hong Kong billionaire has offered to buy a billion yuan over a soldier. The Chinese government has declined.


Chariot (Photo credit: Shiva Shenoy)

Pit No. 1
The first excavation, the largest in size, is now protected by a structure. It is 210 m from east to west and 60 meters from north to south. It contains 6000 warriors, armored, deployed in battle formation according to the most perfect military strategy of the time, reinforced tanks pulled by horses (chariots bais have disappeared). The first row is formed by the general counsel and then follow the four categories of soldiers, horsemen, simple infantry, crossbowmen putting one knee to bend their bow, and charioteers. The whole is divided into 11 galleries and 38 columns. The warriors were equipped with 10,000 real weapons (now exposed separately). Steel arrows had been a sort of protective plating that makes spikes come down to us, no rust, still sharp.

Visa for macao

The visa for French tourists is not necessary and any person in possession of a valid passport can stay for Macao has 90 days (entry on the territory of Macau requires a visa except for France and all European countries).

Hong Kong skyline from the Peak

Hong Kong skyline from the Peak (Photo credit: xopherlance)

Persons in possession of a Hong Kong Identity Card, a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card or Hong Kong Re entry Permit have the opportunity to stay a Macau for a maximum of one year. For travelers who need a visa, this one is obtained in immigration services for a maximum of 30 days. There are three types of visa.

Visa Individual: $ 100 million for unaccompanied persons, with a validity of 30 days. Children under 12 years pay $ 50M.

Visa Family: $ 200 million for couples of the same name, free for children under 12 years.

Group visa: $ 50 million per person for groups of 10 or more


Nanjing Road Shanghai

Baptized in 1864, the main shopping street of Shanghai Central Avenue was the former international concession. Since September 1999, Nanjing is partly reserved for pedestrians. Read between Henan and Xizang read more than two million walkers will stroll every weekend, but the Shanghainese prefer Huai Hai Lu, chic Avenue of the former French Concession.

French Concession area, Shanghai

French Concession area, Shanghai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marked by several thousands of shops stretching 5.5 km, this enclave is fast becoming a tiny Hong Kong with its rows of neon lights flashing. It is here that we find the old “four major” stores in Shanghai who regains its luster over the last three years. Tray 1 has the corner of Tibet, Art Deco structure built in 1934 by three young Chinese architects is still the most popular store in Shanghai with 250 000 visitors per day.


Trip in Seoul 2 asia

Brief towards our hostel is located at the station Hongik University. It will almost three quarters of an hour to find as well as in Tokyo, the streets do not names (it was 22h and we were a little death). After removing the little luggage we had, we were doing a tour of the neighborhood. Well bein there, nice surprise, our neighborhood is filled with coffee, restaurants (all the more attractive as each other) and KTV clubs and clothing stores (imagine the Shanghai Hengshan read more Wanchai district to HK, mix the two and multiply by ten and you get the excitement of Hongik University. The area is very popular, many pretty girls dressed shortly, groups of guys and we wish to fashions (in the middle of this human tide, filming and photographing the show). It was really amazing.

English: text of Hongik University 한국어: 홍익대학교 로고

English: text of Hongik University 한국어: 홍익대학교 로고 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next day we headed straight to the area of ​​the temples, there we arrived at the changing of the guard (quite a din colorful), please visit the first temple, the second temple so on. Little disappointed in the temples themselves are beautiful but the gardens are mostly just poor little (grass is yellow, nothing grows there and it is sorely lacking in vegetation). At the end of yet another temple we decided to go to one of the last unspoilt villages with these atypical wooden houses. Well bein there we got our legs Seoul it goes up and down. The whole town was built around the hills. The reason why we have assembled and after more than an hour’s visit we will declare package (elevation kills too fun).

한국어: 홍익대학교 정문

한국어: 홍익대학교 정문 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After this showdown, we decided to stop seeing dusty buildings and return to modern life.
We’re coming to one of the future areas in vogue at the moment where a few commercial buildings are installed but most are either being renovated or under construction. Not far away there are still some remains of the ancient wall of the city, and in the same place, the city built a city park and a museum of design (by architect Zaha Hadid). We enjoy the area to enjoy two very good hot chocolate in a brewery.


Chinese Chess

China as soon as the sun rises, it is possible to see on the sidewalks or in parks, often older players face to face in the process of challenge to one of the board games among the most strategic and former the world, Xiangqi or Chinese chess.

Chinese chess set pieces (or, in Chinese, xian...

Chinese chess set pieces (or, in Chinese, xiangqi 象棋 set pieces), from the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) period of medieval China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This game is played with 16 pieces per player are placed on the intersections of the lines. Both sides are red and black. A river, which also restricts the movement of certain parts allowed, between the two camps on the plateau where also included the position of each palace is cut or the Emperor and his guard.

Xiangqi Program

Xiangqi Program (Photo credit: moontan)

It can be observed throughout China these unusual duels in the streets and parks, making for us foreigners, exciting phenomenon, as well as practitioners of Tai Chi. In fact the Chinese are gamblers and they can stay on their parts chess for hours.

Do not hesitate to go see them play, you may be surprised! They may even offer you a small part while teaching you the rules.