Longhua Temple Shanghai

The last weekend we took advantage of good weather to visit a little known temple in Shanghai. This is the Longhua temple, south of Shanghai Stadium (about 5 minutes by taxi), roughly less than ten minutes from the house.

The Longhua Pagoda of Longhua Temple in Shangh...

The Longhua Pagoda of Longhua Temple in Shanghai, China, its present form under the wooden facade built in 977 during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE) period, with later renovations that account for the updated, decorative wooden exterior seen today. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are two and a half years we’ve been to the Jade Buddha Temple in the district of Jing’An guide recommended that we Cartoville (nice temple by the way). I also knew Jing year temple on Nanjing road (which I have not yet visited), and I know another step away from the antique market.
But I had never heard of Longhua Temple. It took Morgan comes out our dusty old backpacker that we pay attention to this place.

A little turn on the spot has become, 12 kuais taxi later we are on the site. But unfortunately for us, obliges World Expo, the site is open to visitors but still under renovation. So nice photos with scaffolding. Even though the temple is not bad, it was difficult to perceive the space to the sounds of jackhammers, and tons of piles of scree.

However, I recommend you visit the Longhua temple … as soon as the show starts, knowing that around, there is also the museum and the park of the martyrs (a bit too formal for my taste), if you’re interested.