Shanghai Food

Shanghai is the largest city and the largest port in mainland China. Just like New York, the city does not really her own kitchen, but gathers and refines the neighboring provinces. It is located at the place where the river flows into the Yangtze China Sea. The lower Yangtse abounds in vegetables and freshwater products.

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China.

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shanghai, a city of gourmets, brings together a wide variety of dishes: fried ravioli, many soups, fish and seafood, specialty until this very popular in Hong Kong, crab “hairy” freshwater. Sins during the spawning season in the Fall, these crabs will be shipped by air boxes whole Hong Kong, where they are eagerly awaited by connoisseurs palate (and silver).

The region also produces an incredible amount of ducks, which are dried and “hurry” in Nanjingshanghai crab In Shanghai, one of the favorite methods of cooking is cooking red, which involves long simmering food in soy sauce and rice wine yellow. Ravioli stuffed with meat, eel cooked in wine with garlic pieces, noodles sautéed freshwater shrimp are just one small sample.

Nanjing Road Shanghai

Baptized in 1864, the main shopping street of Shanghai Central Avenue was the former international concession. Since September 1999, Nanjing is partly reserved for pedestrians. Read between Henan and Xizang read more than two million walkers will stroll every weekend, but the Shanghainese prefer Huai Hai Lu, chic Avenue of the former French Concession.

French Concession area, Shanghai

French Concession area, Shanghai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marked by several thousands of shops stretching 5.5 km, this enclave is fast becoming a tiny Hong Kong with its rows of neon lights flashing. It is here that we find the old “four major” stores in Shanghai who regains its luster over the last three years. Tray 1 has the corner of Tibet, Art Deco structure built in 1934 by three young Chinese architects is still the most popular store in Shanghai with 250 000 visitors per day.