Shanghai International High School my Experience

We were hesitant to send him to any Chinese school like most of Expat, so we choose an international School in Shanghai.

We Choose this Shanghai International school because it is perceived as a very “hard” school – a lot of homework .

Now that he’s been there for one and a half years, here are our thoughts:

1) A fair amount of homework. On normal days, if he concentrates, he can wrap up his daily homework in an hour or so. If he gets up and down (usually the case) and does not focus, it takes up to two hours. If there is Chinese composition, it will take much more than two hours. On days before a Chinese test, he can be doing homework all the way until 9:30 pm or 10pm. It can get quite depressing to see your kid crying at night because there’s just too much work to complete. I have to say that this is not happen often but still …

Also, when asked about scouts about having 20mins of outdoor playtime, my son said, “I have too much homework to complete to play outside” !!! So we usually allocate weekends fully to play.

British Style !

2) The cirriculum is based on the British system and for us, we feel the English, Math and Science / Social Studies subjects are relatively easy. We have a hard time with the Chinese. My son is in the native Chinese class (90% of the class takes native English, while about 50% is in Higher Chinese) and probably has the lowest score in class. We have a Chinese tutor twice a week but he is still not at the same standard as the other kids.

About the Teachers

3) Teachers are pretty dedicated. They are on the class wechat and give very regular updates to parents. You can approach them freely with questions and they will answer very quickly. The homeroom teacher is Chinese and they have a foreign teacher attached to the class. Usually the Chinese teacher will teach Chinese, Math, moral lessons, etc., while the English teacher oversees the English and Science / Social Science and sometimes art / music.

Shanghai international high school

4) The difference with Chinese school is that Administration is very European -style – little to no consultation with parents. Most communication mainly in Chinese.

5) Not many extra-circulars for the lower grades. BritishShcool a real international school, so we do not get invited to participate in many school sporting tournaments, and so on.

6) Cohort is overwhelmingly Asian. I think a good 60-70% of children attending the lower grades of british style are kidding their parents are Chinese but with a foreign passport. I.e. Parents were born and bred in China but may have spent a fair amount of time overseas and gained another citizenship, OR their kids were born abroad. We like this – since we are living in China, we would like to make Chinese friends, but if you are looking for a very diverse, international mix, this school is not for you. The other kids come from Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK Europe…

7) Fair amount of outdoor play time during the school day – PE at a time and get to play outside.

8) Facilities are of course not as good as some of the international schools but the classrooms are bright and cheery.

If you are considering this school for your child, you need to help them with homework and tests / exams, you’ll also have a lot of extra-cirricular activities on the weekends And keep a fair amount of time for de-stressing and just playing.

We have been working for a couple of years now and have been working for a long time.

Thank you Maggie for this Explanation.


See also wikipedia and other article from China Daily


Top 10 cities with beaches in China

Discover the beaches in China!

In China, the cities by the sea are many, however, they do not all offer quality beaches to spend a good time.

Here is a list of the 10 most famous cities of China to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Each of these cities offers a natural and pleasant, attractive beaches and many attractions for a great holiday. Booming tourism in China!

1) Sanya


It is the ideal destination to enjoy the sandy beaches, their palms, and their clear water. This rich city in cultural diversity is also known for its mountains and hot springs, and offers some of the finest scenery in the world. On site, this paradise allows you to practice many sports and water activities.

Note : Sanya is however a very expensive city to live in, because it lives almost exclusively from tourism.

2) Qingdao


It is a famous city of the Shandong Peninsula to its seaport. Also known for its beer : Tsingtao, it is a tourist destination where it is very pleasant to stroll in the streets and houses of the old concessions. The beaches along this scenic coastal city are many and very lively, with many places to eat, refresh and entertain.

Note : Huiquan is the Asia’s largest sandy beach with its 3.6 hectares.

3) Qinhuangdao


This city is located in the northeast of Hebei province and bordered by the Bohai Sea in the South, Qinhuang Island is an important port for foreign trade in North of China.

Note : The « Gold Coast »with its 52,1km along, offers sandy beaches bordering large forests. Other famous beaches can be mentioned those of Beidaihe and Nandaihe.

4) Zhuhai


This city is not only known to be a very pleasant coastal city in southern of Guangdong province, but also to offer a selection of beautiful beaches.

Note : Golden Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Zhuhai.

In addition, the island also offers Hebao sumptuous seashores with crystal clear waters.

5) Rizhao


This city is also part of Shandong Peninsula, and is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea against Korea and Japan. It is famous for its blue sky and golden beaches. Rizhao has the sandy beach the longest in the country, extending for 60 km. It also has many scenic spots as a national forest park and numerous mountain area.

6) Xiamen

The city faces at the ast China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, the Strait of Xiamen is located in Fujian province. Being surrounded by the sea, it offers wide sandy beaches and numerous natural and cultural landscapes.


Note : This « City on the Sea » is one of the most popular seaside resorts of China.

7) Beihai

This city is famous for its long beaches, islands, lakes, forests and hills. Beihai Silver Beach is 10 kilometers from the city center and extends over 24 kilometers.

Note : This city is one of the five most beautiful resorts of the country, it is often considered the most beautiful China Beach for its white sand, its clean and warm water, and gentle waves.


8) Dalian

This city is known for its natural attractions, especially for its beaches. The city is home to many shores which are known for their natural beauty, which are breathtaking, and thrilling for water activities that can be practiced there.


Note : Fujiazhuang is certainly the most popular beach in Dalian with its golden sand, turquoise sea and its many reefs, on a long stretch of 550 meters. Islands and forests make Fujiazhuang beach even more enjoyable.

9) Haikou


It is the capital of the island province of Hainan, which also houses the city of Sanya. It has four main beaches : Holiday Beach, Xixiu Beach, Baishamen Beach and Guilinyang Beach.

10) Ningbo


It is a coastal city in Zhejiang Province in China. It is located South of the Yangtze River delta, and faces the East China Sea in the East.

Note : The range of Mount Songlan is certainly the most noteworthy with its landscape of mountains facing the Sea Many islands are also the delight of tanning and relaxation lovers.

Hundreds of flights canceled at China, difficult season for Tourism

Hundreds of flights canceled at China, difficult season for Tourism

Hundreds of flights to and from eastern China were canceled or delayed on Monday and state media warned that more disruption should be expected in the coming weeks.

Nearly 200 flights were canceled in two airports in Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao – which are among the busiest airports in the country air. 120 other flights were delayed for more than two hours.

touristes chinois

Flights from other airports in eastern Chinese cities, “including Nanjing and Hangzhou, have also been affected.

Flight are Cancelled

Largest airports in the country, serving the megacities of Shanghai and Beijing, suffer some of the worst flight delays in the world.

In June 2013, Beijing Capital International Airport has touched the bottom of the list of the slowest airports in the world, according to FlightStats information to travel from the U.S. air services.

Just 18.3% of flights from the airport to the left of the time during this month and about 42% of flights experienced delays of 45 minutes or more.

Second on the list was worse Shanghai Hongqiao, where only 24% of flights on time.



Officials and airlines have some light on the reasons for the disruption.

Local officials cited “restrictions of air traffic” while Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines said: “Airspace was occupied,” according to the newspaper Shanghai Daily.

None of these sources elaborated on comments.

“Among the situations of traffic restrictions imposed are being air when military maneuvers are underway,” the newspaper added.

CCTV, the state television channel, shared on his Weibo account – the Chinese equivalent of Twitter – a note widely circulated, published originally on a Chinese blog crew driving, says the authority of the civil Aviation has asked airlines to cut flights by 25% in eastern China.

12 airports in China are affected

“The following 12 airports will experience massive delays for 26 days! Fliers, bring snacks and water!” CCTV station said.

“From 20 July to 15 August exploitation of these airports – including Shanghai Hongqiao, Shanghai Pudong, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Jinan, Wuxi, Ningbo, Qingdao, Lianyungang, Zhengzhou and Wuhan – will be affected by exercises conducted by a high frequency other party. All companies are requested to reduce theft by 25% and flyers are expected to face delays. ”

Officials of the Administration of Civil Aviation of China declined to comment when approached by CNN.

This is the second large-scale disruption of air traffic in China in the past two weeks.

More than 100 flights were canceled or delayed on July 14 in Shanghai.

Two users were detained by the police for allegedly manufacturing and circulation claims “related to the fight against corruption,” the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post.

Internet users said the disturbance is due to the arrest of a government official of high rank in trying to flee the country.

37 others were reprimanded in the crackdown against Internet “rumor mongers” according to SCMP.

Problems airflow China continue

Delays long flights are common in China.


Air traffic control and airspace restrictions too conservative for civil aircraft are two of the reasons for these delays…


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Shanghai Features Bar Street

Shanghai Features Bar Street


Shanghai’s largest Bar Street . On two or three years in the road, dotted with great style bar , the lights dim , peacefulness . Because the area close to the consulate abroad , so here faction exotic, business is booming .

bar street

Maoming Road

Shanghai ‘s most exciting night of her , the lanterns , the city of the most active molecules from their Scriptorium merged into the streets out of the surging tide gone without a trace . So , from north of Yongjia Road, just a lack of kilometers on Maoming Road , the beautiful part of the night began to show …… Shanghai Hengshan compared , in fact, less than one in this bar street is quiet , the Shanghai dialect is ” demon , ” the lights are dim even shy . In this area in the former French Concession belong , has retained a romantic atmosphere from the French ……

Shanghai emerging Bar Street – Julu Road

Julu Road , after two years in Hengshan , Yandang become a very distinctive Shanghai Bar Street . The same night , but at least some of Julu Road phony kind of noble, more of a real human . As long as you have the courage to let yourself relax completely , and then be able to say a few simple English, it is more suitable to go there .

The Bund

Night of nostalgia and ornamental River , is the subject of this bar street . Peace Hotel Old Jazz Bar , Huaxia Bank M bar the top of the seventh floor , near the Seine Union bar and 1861 bar, for these two themes set a good tone.

Duolun Road

Duolun Road has always been a busy day , deserted in the evening , to sit down and mostly familiar faces . Crushing and the old cobblestone road on both sides of the building reminds people to some of the past ” ten foreign market ,” shook the year is not yet a go . So the story was changed to another narrative style , 1920 Cafe, Old Film Cafe, Northanger Jiakang , only the names of these bars can think of many stories .

Fuxing Park

Where a total of only three clubs , park97, the official residence of the till , but among themselves they form a good interaction . park97 almost become the default place for the weekend , senior Shanghai nightlife animals , the official residence of Hong Kong backgrounds often make here a glimpse of the stars of the figure. Wait until both sides are tired, till , but only five minutes walk away.


1. Bar Price : Per capita consumption is generally between 50-60 dollars, unless you have a special appetite ; higher hotel bar prices, the highest Pu Jin Mao Tower, Diba, ticket is 100 yuan ; 54-story building
Cafes, a cup of coffee 88.
2 .Bar features : both Chinese and Western food, both restaurants feature. Have a variety of books, some bars you can see Taiwanese newspaper the day before , ” United Daily News” , “China Times .”
3. Hours : noon to start business in general , closing time is 2:00 am , then soak for an hour you can be in general . Individual bar 16:00-17:00 rest.

Shanghai Attractions Xintiandi

Huaihai Road is located in the southeastern Huangbeinanlu to Madang Road West, north along the Taicang Road, south of Zizhong Road. Xintiandi divided to preserve old buildings in the South and North in two parts, the main building of the modern South, Nordland Shikumen .



Shanghai Xintiandi is a historical and cultural features , the integration of Chinese and Western city tourist attractions, it is a sign of modern architecture in Shanghai Shikumen building city -based, for the first time the Shikumen changed original residential function due to its innovative business operating functions , this piece reflects the history and culture of Shanghai old house in a number of international standards for dining, shopping , entertainment and other features fashion, leisure and cultural and entertainment center turns .

Go Xintiandi , when the clock back , as in the twentieth century , two 1930 Shanghai, but step by step in the interior of each building , the very modern and stylish, the new world to experience the unique concept , which in combination with organic – Patchwork cleverly arranged to form a first Shanghai Symphony , so that visitors from abroad a unique taste of Shanghai culture.

Xintiandi , its modern silhouette and the inner surface of history and culture, as well as international business content , so that the elderly , it is in the new world very nostalgic feeling that young people of fashion would think , feel in the new world of foreigners , it is “China” , Chinese people very Western style , and soon became the cultural taste of Shanghai casual consumer websites .

Today , Shanghai Xintiandi has become a new landmark.

Shanghai alley style – Tianzifang

Shanghai alley style – Tianzifang

Tianzifang is the fashion industry landmark initiatives to gather specific area of ​​Shanghai Shikumen construction group formed after the reconstruction, but also many of the artist’s initiatives office base, many people tend to Tianzifang called “new heavens and earth II . ” In fact, apart from the same fashion at the time, she and the heavens and the earth with many different place. Taikang Road settled artwork, crafts firm has more than 40, settled in office, has more than 20 pre-chamber, the government set up the stage, singing the company.



Tianzifang is Shanghai Taikang Road Art Street Street landmark, sculpture decorative ribbon at the top of the five continents and four oceans will connect artists together. Tianzifang exhibited more to many people is that Shanghai cordial, warm warm messy side. As long as you take a walk on the beach in this article are the most flavor alley, it is not difficult to understand the experience Tianzifang distinctiveness of personality. Continue reading

Longhua Temple Shanghai

The last weekend we took advantage of good weather to visit a little known temple in Shanghai. This is the Longhua temple, south of Shanghai Stadium (about 5 minutes by taxi), roughly less than ten minutes from the house.

The Longhua Pagoda of Longhua Temple in Shangh...

The Longhua Pagoda of Longhua Temple in Shanghai, China, its present form under the wooden facade built in 977 during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE) period, with later renovations that account for the updated, decorative wooden exterior seen today. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are two and a half years we’ve been to the Jade Buddha Temple in the district of Jing’An guide recommended that we Cartoville (nice temple by the way). I also knew Jing year temple on Nanjing road (which I have not yet visited), and I know another step away from the antique market.
But I had never heard of Longhua Temple. It took Morgan comes out our dusty old backpacker that we pay attention to this place.

A little turn on the spot has become, 12 kuais taxi later we are on the site. But unfortunately for us, obliges World Expo, the site is open to visitors but still under renovation. So nice photos with scaffolding. Even though the temple is not bad, it was difficult to perceive the space to the sounds of jackhammers, and tons of piles of scree.

However, I recommend you visit the Longhua temple … as soon as the show starts, knowing that around, there is also the museum and the park of the martyrs (a bit too formal for my taste), if you’re interested.

Welcome To Shanghai game

Do you know the game of musical chairs? This is the game in which several people stupid revolve around several chairs at the sound of lively music. As soon as the music stops, all participants must rush to sit as soon as possible. Knowing that there are fewer chairs as participants, it is the battle when the sound stops.

A game of the non-competitive version in one o...

A game of the non-competitive version in one of its final stages (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that you have read the rules, imagine they are applied in everyday life in Shanghai.

Every day, without really realizing it, I partipe the game of the chair. Whether at the supermarket, mail or even better in transit (besides this place is even worse) I “play” or rather I am forced to play musical chairs.
Few days ago, I was sitting quietly in the subway when arrived at the station as soon as the doors opened a grandmother was violently precipitated on the first place in order, unfortunately it was grilled by a few centimeters happy young man have doubled this high level competitor. And yet the story does not arrêtât there in a few microseconds super granny like a rocket precipitate on any other in sight. It was good. You could see the joy on his face that he had not completely lost the battle.

Nanjing Road pedestrian mall, perhaps the busi...

Nanjing Road pedestrian mall, perhaps the busiest retail street in the city, in the pre-merger Huangpu district (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really regretted not having a camera on me because the scene was to piss laughing.

Yes, Shanghai is fierce competition in the game of musical chairs, in addition, not need music to motivate Shanghainese.

Shanghai Food

Shanghai is the largest city and the largest port in mainland China. Just like New York, the city does not really her own kitchen, but gathers and refines the neighboring provinces. It is located at the place where the river flows into the Yangtze China Sea. The lower Yangtse abounds in vegetables and freshwater products.

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China.

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shanghai, a city of gourmets, brings together a wide variety of dishes: fried ravioli, many soups, fish and seafood, specialty until this very popular in Hong Kong, crab “hairy” freshwater. Sins during the spawning season in the Fall, these crabs will be shipped by air boxes whole Hong Kong, where they are eagerly awaited by connoisseurs palate (and silver).

The region also produces an incredible amount of ducks, which are dried and “hurry” in Nanjingshanghai crab In Shanghai, one of the favorite methods of cooking is cooking red, which involves long simmering food in soy sauce and rice wine yellow. Ravioli stuffed with meat, eel cooked in wine with garlic pieces, noodles sautéed freshwater shrimp are just one small sample.