Starlink by SpaceX a “threat to national security”

Starlink, a private satellite internet network set up by SpaceX and Elon Musk, can quickly find crucial military utility during an armed conflict. Part of the deadly operations carried out by Ukrainian drones thus relies on the American constellation, which is the only one able to maintain network connectivity when ground installations are cut off.

China has apparently taken notice. As reported in an article by the South China Morning Post (SMCP), scientists from the Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications Technology, an organization dependent on the People’s Liberation Army, have begun to work on the issue. In a recently published article, they emphasize the need for the country to find a technical way to get rid of the constellation of satellites if it were to constitute a “threat to national security” – therefore, in the event of an open conflict. with the United States, a scenario which is not improbable according to recent statements by Joe Biden.

“A combination of material and non-material methods of destruction should be adopted to cause certain Starlink satellites to lose their functions and destroy the constellation’s operating system,” reads the Chinese scientific journal Modern Defense Technology.

Stars war

According to the paper’s lead author, Ren Yuanzhen, U.S. stealth drones and planes could increase the amount of exploitable and tradable data 100-fold if they were linked to the network provided by Starlink—in modern warfare, that data is weaponry.

In addition, the SMCP notes that if Starlink is initially a civilian system, its links with the Pentagon are already marked: the two parties have thus signed a pact to develop new technologies based on the satellite constellation, in particular a system of surveillance of weapons. hypersonic.

Elon Musk’s small satellites were also designed with the risk of destruction attempts in the event of a conflict in mind: their small thrust systems were designed in particular to allow them to move in the event of a physical threat in the space.

“The Starlink constellation constitutes a decentralized system, is it still written in the article. The confrontation should not be thought against individual satellites, but against the system as a whole. This requires the implementation of effective and low-cost measures.” The article does not recommend a particular solution, but as the SCMP notes, the Chinese army has already been working for years on systems (lasers, microwaves, etc.) capable of disturbing or destroying possible satellites. enemies.explained a member of this influence Club

From the ground or from space, China must be able to pick up Starlink signals to assess a possible threat, as well as to know precisely where the satellites of the constellation are, in which purely military objects could be hidden explained this lawyer.

In a context of great tension, this is the first time that such an attack on Starlink has been mentioned by an organization officially linked to the Chinese government. Which, for its part, is also working on its own constellation of satellites. Star Wars has only just begun.

Chinese investors are moving away from mainland Real estate

As the authorities crackdown on the debt-fuelled real estate sector, Chinese investors are moving away from an old attachment to property investments and looking for returns in equities. source Reuters

Since September, the flow of cash into property investments products issued by trust companies has dropped as China Evergrande Group’s (3333.HK.) debt problems worsened.

This is a way to close one of the last funding channels for property developers, who already face strict lending restrictions onshore and record-breaking borrowing costs in offshore bonds markets.

Investing In Overseas

China is home to more than 800 million internet users, making it the largest online country. China is one the most desirable markets in the world, thanks to its Chinese annual GDP growth rate exceeding 6%.

Why not look at this market when looking for investors for your real-estate project? It is best to start looking for investors before you begin your development explained this lawyer in China, Jing Wang associates.

If you plan to market your investment opportunity for Chinese property investors, it is important to first understand Chinese consumers. This is great news! Good news!

Learn more about how to target Chinese customers and Tenba Group 7 top tips for doing business with China.

China is a nation that saves money, and real property is where it stores its money. According to Loomis Sayles, a huge share of China’s household wealth (70%) has been channeled into real estate by the boom in homeownership over recent decades. This percentage is 35% in the United States.

Recognizing China’s declining population growth, slowing urbanization and inflated home prices, Beijing is now trying to get the property sector to stop relying on debt. This is putting developers out of money, making projects such as Sunshine Peninsula impossible to finance. It also adds urgency to Beijing’s push to get citizens to invest in other ways, like the stock market. After years of highs, home sales are beginning to fall and housing prices are falling. This is an early sign that Chinese citizens might be reconsidering their role as trusted piggy banks.

Desmond Pan, a Shanghai-based businessman, said that “previous investment logic has collapsed”. He is looking at shifting millions of yuan from property trust products to Bridgewater’s China fund called All Weather Enhanced Strategy.

Pan sifts through a brochure that Ray Dalio, the billionaire founder, has a smiling face and a rising performance curve. Pan believes the multi-asset fund with a 19% annualized return is a good investment alternative.

Chinese investors have always been interested in real estate investments. However, the amount of money flowing into property investment products has been decreasing since Beijing began to curb shadow banking in 2017. Evergrande’s September default on wealth management products (WMPs), which caused investor protests across many cities, only increased that trend.

Trust money that is used to invest in real estate was at 2.1 trillion Yuan ($329.3 Billion) at the end June, down 17% compared to a year ago. According to the China Trustee Association, however, trust products that invest in stocks and bonds grew 35% to 2.85 trillion yuan.

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Tourism in China in 2021

For almost two years and the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the sector has become accustomed to living without Chinese visitors. They fueled its unbridled growth (5.1% per year between 2010 and 2019) by the strength of a growing middle class attracted to the world. The “Golden Week” holiday, the holiday week following the Chinese National Day on October 1, was the highlight of this migratory frenzy.

Event in China & local tourism

But this year, as in 2020, the event is expected to be marked by sharply declining travel and only within the country. The willingness of the Chinese to travel remains intact, including for long transprovincial trips. Local airports, such as Canton or Chengdu, have dethroned Dubai, London or Paris in terms of attendance. By summer 2020, domestic tourism returned to levels of activity approaching those of the pre-pandemic period, whether for business trips or vacations in the tropical island of Hainan.

China is really developped in local tourism, explain an expert in the Chinese business Club.

During the mid-autumn holidays, three days from September 19, China recorded 88 million trips, or 87% of the number of trips recorded in 2019, before the pandemic. Tourist spending reached 37 billion yuan (5 billion euros), or 79% of their 2019 level. The recovery is only hampered by the isolation measures pronounced upon the emergence of an outbreak of Covid-19, as in August, or by the brakes imposed by the government, as on the occasion of Golden Week.

Tibet on the rise

About 36.89 million Chinese and foreign tourists visited southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region in the first three quarters of this year, an increase of 15.2 percent from the previous year. previous year, according to local authorities.

The region’s tourism revenue from January to September rose 26.6 percent year-on-year to 42.4 billion yuan (about $ 6.6 billion), the regional tourism department said in a statement.

The growth in the number of tourists and tourism revenue has been partly due to effective control of the epidemic and the rapid development of infrastructure in Tibet.

Between mid-October and the end of the year, a series of preferential policies were implemented to promote tourism growth in the region, including lower hotel prices and free tickets to many tourist attractions.

These incentives are expected to help Tibet achieve the goal of welcoming 42 million tourists and generating annual tourism revenue of 44 billion yuan in 2021. source

China: a Guy proposes to girlfriend with 99 containers of crayfish, she says yes

Even though endeavoring to get a girl’s coronary heart with ninety nine watermelons a different Romeo decided to check out his luck yesterday, but this time with crayfish.
On Thursday night time, the the latest graduate in Nanjing his girlfriend that has a coronary heart as well as the phrase “Love” spelled out within the flooring by 99 containers stuffed with crayfish, considered one of her preferred foods. As soon as they were being equally in the coronary heart of shellfish, the man told his sweetheart: “I’ve just graduated this calendar year. I don’t have the money to order you a car or perhaps a home, but I’ve a coronary heart that will abide by you to the ends on the earth.”

Soon after this heartfelt confession, accompanied by very small, tasty crustaceans, the girl said sure. It can be not distinct when the pair gave absent some of the crayfish to onlookers or whenever they were a bit shellfish and retained them all for them selves.

Anyway, this would seem to validate our situation that girls Get the lighters prepared and leap about the head-banging wagon this Friday! Rawkasaurus Rex are uniting for a single night only to pay for tribute to your famous through the 70s, bringing while in the finest neighborhood functions which includes Rendezvous, the Diamond Cats,The Shake House Band, Rock Suey, Deck Chairs and an great lineup of solo artists.The renegades are reliving the blazing rock tunes of rebelliousness, real like, heartache, along with a really need to fly and become cost-free from Styx, Aerosmith, Coronary heart, Journey and Low-priced Trick.

Allow your children channel their summer months vigour into building new buddies and generating fond memories in the ‘Better Me’ camp that runs from July three to August 26. Young ones aged 3-6 should be able to take desire classes lin songs, English reading, yoga, baking and gardening inside a bilingual environment. Consideration gentlemen: craving for a drink to destroy your Monday blues? Properly, head down to La Bodeguita del Medio with the greatest buddy every single Monday to any extent further. Purchase one particular Plato Cubano – then you certainly may possibly unwind with two beers without cost. Monday blues aren’t that bad soon after all, are they?

Influencer world? 

This American sci-fi motion flick would be the next set up in the Pearl’s movie night sequence.Directed by Roland Emmerich, and starring personalities like Will Smith, Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldblum, the film depicts a gaggle of intrepid individuals attempting to save lots of the Earth from vicious extraterrestrials. In conjunction with the remainder of the planet, they start a last-ditch counterattack on July four. Burger offer such as a bacon cheeseburger, fries, as well as a beer is offered just for ¥88.. source

Independence Working day is arising tomorrow. While there won’t be any blazing fireworks and stripey flags right here in Shanghai, good news is you’ll be able to however throw on your own favorite patriotic equipment and celebrate the day of freedom at this awesome outdoor BBQ buffet, along with totally free movement Carlsberg, on Sasha’s attractive terrace! You may also receive a Bourbon whisky as welcome drink. As aspect of your exploratory Shanghai Venture curated by ongwoo Lee and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Chapter Two usually takes around the pressing worldwide local weather issues. With thought-provoking visuals, job interview clips and workshops, the exhibition makes an attempt to achieve beyond the confines of existing know-how and reply to the issues by an interdisciplinary strategy in hopes of trying to find sustainability and discovering corresponding scientific remedies. This annual exhibition is household to some impressive, state-of-the-art energy-saving development supplies in addition to technologies. If you’re knowledgeable within the trade oneself, prepare for some useful updates. Non-insiders are most welcomed way too.

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 exactly “An Influencer (KOL) in China can make $1,000 per Post”, but even much more money. Do you think Western KOLs are extremely powerful? Then, you need to know what is going on in China to understand how far KOLs can be influent.

The new world of artists in China

fifteen distinguished artists are accumulating with each other to showcase the great thing about up to date art through images, calligraphy, portray, video artwork, sculpture, and VR engineering. The artwork parts get the job done completely to bolster that we should always treasure our heritage of civilisation and accomplish a more satisfying potential of humanity.


Discover the contemporary art in China

The market of the Chinese contemporary art has known these last few years a strong increase. This could be explained by the economic growth form the Chinese economy, which was significant and helped the Chinese to become richer. With a higher purchasing power, and the emergence of the middle class, the Chinese are looking for more diversified hobbies and center of interests. And thanks to the western influence, the interest of the Chinese are becoming stronger, always looking for more social prestige. And regarding the security policy in the country, it is definitely for the Chinese a good way to express themselves and the less censored one in China. We can find for instance the denunciation of tortures of red guards, which is not related in the history books of the country.

The beginning of the Chinese contemporary art

The Chinese contemporary art takes its origins from the time of Mao. Indeed, until his death in 1976, the artists were only making masterpieces representing the “socialist realism”, the totalitarian art that needed to serve the interests of the communist party.

The Chinese art knew a new era with the arrival of Deng Xiaoping in the Chinese government, bringing a new opening from 1989. It is characterized by a certain freedom expression and a boom of creativity. Some new artistic movements are arising, like the “Xiamen dada” and the “policial pop art”.

The events occurred in Tiananmen have shocked the Chinese artists, who took the decision to leave for foreign countries. This was the born of an hybrid art, a good mix between western and eastern art. source

art china

The boom of the Chinese art

The market of the Chinese art has really exploded in the 2000s, with the emergence of the masterpieces delivering messages. The content of those are implicating more contextual messages. Between 2004 and 2006, the sales of Asian contemporary arts from Sotheby’s and Christie’s, professionals in this industry, are currently escalating. These sales increase from 22 to 190 million of dollar! Most of these sales are Chinese, and half of the most popular artists are Chinese.

Nowadays, these artists have become multimillionaire. We can find Wang Guagyi, who owns a Jaguar car, and a mansion of 10 000 m² in Beijing, and many other galleries all around the world like in the 798 neighbor in Beijing, made from old weapon factories and transformed.

Among the biggest Chinese artists, we can today find the Gao brothers. These former activists from Tiananmen, sometimes censored, have nowadays more than 798 galleries and have an international dimension worldwide. They are the author of remarkable performances, like the one where they destroy a Mao status with women’s breasts.

There is also Yue Minjun, a “realist cynic” really appreciated from the Chinese patrons. Its masterpieces are also available at the Cartier foundation in Paris.

Liu Bolin is also a famous artist coming from China with a solid reputation in the art industry? After its factory has been shut down in Beijing, and the interdiction of exposing its pictures, he started his own “silent revolution”. He also camouflaged himself in the urban scenery in order to protest against the government.

An uncertain future

The contemporary art in China stays very rich: you would be able to find some other interesting artists. You can find some masterpieces at the Loft gallery and some other design objects from China at the Chinart gallery as well.

We don’t know if this trend is just a fad or is destined to become a more durable trend along the time. Regarding the events China went through recently, and the changes the Chinese society is facing, we can definitely expect some other changes in the art industry and more creativity in the next few years.

Top 10 cities with beaches in China

In China, the cities by the sea are many, however, they do not all offer quality beaches to spend a good time.

Here is a list of the 10 most famous cities of China to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Each of these cities offers a natural and pleasant, attractive beaches and many attractions for a great holiday.

  • Sanya

It is the ideal destination to enjoy the sandy beaches, their palms, and their clear water. This rich city in cultural diversity is also known for its mountains and hot springs, and offers some of the finest scenery in the world. On site, this paradise allows you to practice many sports and water activities.

Note : Sanya is however a very expensive city to live in, because it lives almost exclusively from tourism.

2)      Qingdao

It is a famous city of the Shandong Peninsula to its seaport. Also known for its beer : Tsingtao, it is a tourist destination where it is very pleasant to stroll in the streets and houses of the old concessions. The beaches along this scenic coastal city are many and very lively, with many places to eat, refresh and entertain.

Note : Huiquan is the Asia’s largest sandy beach with its 3.6 hectares.

3)      Qinhuangdao

This city is located in the northeast of Hebei province and bordered by the Bohai Sea in the South, Qinhuang Island is an important port for foreign trade in North of China.

Note : The « Gold Coast »with its 52,1km along, offers sandy beaches bordering large forests. Other famous beaches can be mentioned those of Beidaihe and Nandaihe.

4)      Zhuhai

This city is not only known to be a very pleasant coastal city in southern of Guangdong province, but also to offer a selection of beautiful beaches. Zhuhai is a high investment city.


Note : Golden Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Zhuhai.

In addition, the island also offers Hebao sumptuous seashores with crystal clear waters.

5)       Rizhao

This city is also part of Shandong Peninsula, and is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea against Korea and Japan. It is famous for its blue sky and golden beaches. Rizhao has the sandy beach the longest in the country, extending for 60 km. It also has many scenic spots as a national forest park and numerous mountain area.

The city faces at the East China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, the Strait of Xiamen is located in Fujian province. Being surrounded by the sea, it offers wide sandy beaches and numerous natural and cultural landscapes.

Note : This « City on the Sea » is one of the most popular seaside resorts of China.

7)       Beihai

This city is famous for its long beaches, islands, lakes, forests and hills.

Beihai Silver Beach is 10 kilometers from the city center and extends over 24 kilometers.

Note : This city is one of the five most beautiful resorts of the country, it is often considered the most beautiful China Beach for its white sand, its clean and warm water, and gentle waves.

8)       Dalian

This city is known for its natural attractions, especially for its beaches. Dalian , this city is home to many shores which are known for their natural beauty, which are breathtaking, and thrilling for water activities that can be practiced there.

Note : Fujiazhuang is certainly the most popular beach in Dalian with its golden sand, turquoise sea and its many reefs, on a long stretch of 550 meters. Islands and forests make Fujiazhuang beach even more enjoyable.

9)      Haikou

It is the capital of the island province of Hainan, which also houses the city of Sanya. It has four main beaches : Holiday Beach, Xixiu Beach, Baishamen Beach and Guilinyang Beach.

10)      Ningbo

It is a coastal city in Zhejiang Province in China. It is located South of the Yangtze River delta, and faces the East China Sea in the East.

Note : The range of Mount Songlan is certainly the most noteworthy with its landscape of mountains facing the Sea Many islands are also the delight of tanning and relaxation lovers.

Chinese tourists have lot of money, but

Chinese tourists are still, unfortunately, maintaining their reputation for boorish behaviour as more spread their wings and travel abroad

Chinese Tourists Biggest Spenders in the World source 

“If we sell international tours for no less than 5,000 yuan, we will be able to weed out a lot of ‘bad tourists’.” She suggested China set minimum tour prices in law to end unfair competition and deceptive marketing. source

International Chinese Students have huge opportunites in Top Brand

International Students in China Are The New Marketing Champions

“Many luxury brands or shopping malls associate to student groups in a One note manner,” explained Nancy Hsieh, a double culture high-end adviser by consulting business Goldlinq. “They’ll give you sponsorships for your own student institution and also a free shuttle with their centers. Also, it quits” Scarlett Hao is an NYU student using a solid following among pupil in America. Hao said because she detected that there were no fashion authors, she started sharing content. She believed a duty to pass for her own fans the idea of human anatomy pleasure.

Nevertheless Chinese students

Nevertheless Chinese students abroad “wish to participate in social occasions and activities which are a part of their luxe American adventure,” said Hsieh. However, times have changed, and many students have been much more careful in the things they buy, based on Director of China Luxury marketing Advisors, Charlie Gu. They look.

“we all know individuals couldn’t grip a normal type of boring attention group,”

explained Jennifer Coppolino, the manager of market precision and consumer involvement at Clé de Peau Beauté. “We did not believe that they will want to consider hanging around a desk for a couple of hundred dollars to talk to get a few of hours. They truly are enthusiastic about luxury events, the opportunity that could be interesting to inform their friends about on Instagram, therefore we established an environment which feels more sociable”

Description of kids in China

Many kids fit the description of kids, otherwise called Pu’er dai, created to business people that are wealthy. They are simple to see in universities, dressed head to toe at luxury goods driving a Porsche. They are regarded in China as the very embodiment of corruption.

Chinese kids with international experience

When asked about the outcome, Coppolino said the research “has influenced every bit of the advertising universe,” from product decisions to in-store sales plans and We chat programming.

This has captured the eye of brands and retailers. Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales have sponsored New Year parties for students, while fashion shows are hosted by brands and encourage executives. As per a survey, 3-1 percentage of students in Boston and New York escort relatives and buddies at least once. Thirty-four percent purchased luxury goods to return to China at an identical frequency.

The diversification of perspectives and fashions among people abroad and at home means brands can treat them. “Sometimes it’s hard for brands to build consequences, and a few quit after you try,” Gu out of China Luxury Advisor echoed. To build lasting earnings from British students overseas, he stated, “it eventually is based upon the long-term= relationship”

Accessibility in China

With accessibility to the most recent trends from the vast array of luxury brands students abroad have become opinion leaders to peers and their friends straight.
This unique demographic has caught the attention of brands and many retailers. Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman have sponsored Chinese New Year celebrations for students, while brands sponsor fashion shows and encourage executives to give information on growing careers within the fashion industry to them. As per a survey conducted by China Luxury Advisors, 3-1 percentage of students in Boston and New York escort friends and family online shopping trips at least once. Thirty-four percent purchased luxury goods to take back to China at the same frequency.

As a way to gain insights an event that was exclusive was coordinated by Clé de Peau Beauté. 1-5 female students were encouraged by them where they introduced the new legacy and reasoned with a Q&A and coming product launches.

You have a lot of Chinese students get graduated in International School in Shanghai 

Wellington for example has a great reputation, and can open a lot of Door to Prestigious

Many Students in Luxury beauty brand industry

Luxury beauty brand Clé de Peau Beauté identified to aim through their own research. They result out of the family with more than $ 500,000 yearly income define the section women under 35 that are residing in China, and so are now enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs. source 
For consumers that are skeptical of the actor,s endorsements will encounter as real.

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More and more Chinese international  Students

Chinese international students, whose numbers have jumped in the past couple of years, one group of grads in International School  particularly sticks out: with graduation season in full swing from the USA. According to stats, almost 600 students are on the list of 15,000 graduates obtaining degrees that semester.

This growth isn’t merely seen at the collegiate level. Affluent Chinese in particular are currently sending their kids to American schools at younger and younger girls. As stated by the Voice of America, more than students currently attend high schools as students, a few student tuitions of $50,000 per year. Chinese foreign students’ rising wave does imply changing demographics in associations; this means big firm for a broad assortment of companies–from real estate to luxury retailers.

With a lot recent Chinese arrivals visiting universities from the nation’s interior–in which admissions standards are lower than the high-profile Ivies–auto earnings to Chinese students are currently skyrocketing.

On precisely the exact same time period, a comparable group of American students spent an estimated $4.7 billion on vehicles. But, their numbers are somewhat more notable when looking in particular fields of study. Chinese foreign students account for around 80 percent of statistics majors at Columbia. Nevertheless, the number of pupils resorting to universities to research subjects like art and fashion design continue growing, at New York with institutions such as the Fashion Institute of Technology.

According to the Institute of International Education’s 2014 Open Doors Report, the range of international students in America climbed 8 percent in the 2013-2014 school year. Students from China account for pretty much one-third of all students, and this growth shows no signs of stopping. Student enrollments in 2013 2014 jumped 17 percent, together with undergraduates.

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Life in China will never get bored

A foreigner rap in Chinese Eating jiaozi, impulse buying on Chinese Internet , and failing to understand what in the hell aunties are talking about, such is the glamorous life of the laowai according to “Another Day in China,” a late entrant for Song of the Year.

The happy-go-lucky ditty, written and performed by Dylan Jaye, touches on all the wonders of modern life in China from WeChat to Taobao to WeChat to Taobao, while also include such pearls of wisdom as “I’d be super screwed without my phone.”



Top Country of Wine in China

Today I introduce to you the favorite country for Wine for Chinese

China, which is expected to become the second largest wine market in the world by 2020, has a strong appetite for imported wines that have grown outside of France’s comfort zones for lesser-known Georgian and South African wines.


By 2020, the country is expected to consume 94 million cases, or 72% of global wine growth, according to a joint report by Vinexpo and IWSR. The share of domestic wines on the continental market has gradually decreased due to the growing interest in imported wines, whose current market share is around 30%. source

254 million liters of bottled wine valued at about $ 1.146 billion

In the first half of the year, the country imported

  1. 254 million liters of bottled wine valued
  2. at about $ 1.146 billion,
  3. an increase of 13.9% in volume and 3.34% in value over the same period. period of last year.

Wine need Marketing in China

French wines are still at the top of the pack, but the best-performing New World countries, notably Australia and Chile, with their unique advantage of a free trade agreement with China, are climbing fast and steadily in the ranking.


By 2020, China is expected to surpass the UK to become the world’s second most valuable wine market after the US.

This will make China a main driver for the global wine market shift as consumption growth in the next few years will be mainly coming from China-led Asia pacific countries and the US, Guillaume Deglise, CEO of Vinexpo said, citing findings from a study conducted by Vinexpo with IWSR for the global wine and spirits market overview from 2016 to 2020.


“Clearly there are two countries that are really driving the wine consumption, which are USA and China,” stated Deglise. Wine consumption in the US is expected to reach US$38.6 billion by 2020, up from US$34.5 billion in 2016. While in China, wine consumption will climb by 39.8% to US$21.7 billion compared with US $15.5 billion worth of wines drunk in 2016.

“But growth is on very different profile. So we need to go a little deeper. We expect China to actually consume 94 million cases in 2020, up from 52.7 million cases, which is 79% growth, representing 72% of worldwide wine growth,” he continued, noting that China is not yet a strong wine producing country, which means imported wines will play an increasing role in domestic market.“USA is different, because US is also a very strong producing country, but basically that won’t be enough for the whole market. They need to import more wines to meet the demand, so we expect an additional 3.8 million cases for the next few years,” Deglise added.


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